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News from Manly Daily Blindside column

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by ManlyBacker, Mar 13, 2009.

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    Choc’s lucky break
    SEA Eagles fans and rugby league insiders were a little stunned this week that Manly forward Anthony Watmough did not join his teammate Brett Stewart on the sidelines.

    Stewart was the face of the game at the NRL’s season launch, a gig which carried with it plenty of responsibility on his 24-year-old’s shoulders.

    But it came at a price, with his heavy drinking bringing the game into disrepute and leading to a four-match ban.

    Watmough, too, was drinking, getting into an altercation with a sponsor, arguably a far worse incident than Stewart being refused service.

    One thing is certain, Watmough will be fined, with the club furious with his actions despite claims of provocation.

    Mayer Euro offers
    THE highly-respected and slimlined Manly boss Grant Mayer has received two offers for gigs in Europe.

    We hear one is with the Celtic Crusaders, the other is a mystery.

    “Never say never,” Mayer said this week when asked if he would like to remain at the Sea Eagles beyond October when his contract is up.

    We also understand the pro Delmege Sea Eagles board are trying to bring back ex-CEO Paul Cummings.

    Not as Mayer’s successor, but solely for a place on the board.

    Fans stay united
    THE Sea Eagles were forced to shut down their popular supporters’ forum on their official website this week as the off-field dramas went from bad to catastrophic.

    But early yesterday morning it again clicked into gear with messages of support streaming in for Brett Stewart and the club, “1000 per cent”.

    “We need to stick strong to this team and everybody involved with the club,” one fan wrote.

    Des gets it right
    ONE man who won’t tolerate any drunken scenes within the dressing sheds at Brookvale Oval is coach Des Hasler.

    We have it on good authority one sponsor - who turned up drunk inside the rooms following a game at Brookie last year - has been banished by Hasler for good.

    Brave new world
    NOT even a little snow at training at French club Catalans will deter ex-Manly centre Steven Bell from enjoying his new life in Europe.

    “Steve doesn’t complain too much, except when they train early in the morning and the grass is frozen,” Mrs Tracey Bell said.

    “He didn’t enjoy boot camp in the snow when they had to sleep in -15C temperatures.”

    Still leaving it to Beav
    THE Sea Eagles are still clinging on to the memory of Steve Menzies.

    The Manly great adorns the club’s homepage on their website.

    We think he should stay there for life.
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