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It's probably rubbish but the newest rumour is that Kimmorley will be released to go to Souths to link up with Chris Anderson.

I have heard them all now!!! :lol:

Also read on MSE that Brandy Alexander claimed last night on Sports Today that Monas was a special to play with Melbourne next year.

What is the next rumour going to be. No shortage this week by the looks of it. :bdh: :bdh: :bdh:
Brandy actually said he would put money on Monas not being at manly. The rest made speculation that it was melbourne.
I have been hearing a rumour brewing for the last few months that Monas is a good halfback..... I havent seen any proof yet so naturally dont believe it
My tip for hooker next year is Matt Ballin. Yards ahead of Randall and 3 years younger, IMO anyway.

Don't know why he isn't getting a run now.
Blunty agree RE: Ballin. he is a good young player!
Goldie I will ask you to please retract that statement (edit your post) or I will. Sorry dude, not cool
Matt Ballin had a broken hand and then a PSL injury to the knee and so has not had a lot of footy time. I think the club is wise in bringing him on slowly and hopefully he will be a 'golden' signing for us in the future. Same with Adam Cuthbertson.
It's good to see some positive opinions on Matt Ballin. Some of his acquaintances from home can't wait to see him play first grade. His Mum and Dad are down there this weekend to see him play in Sydney for the first time. Have a great weekend Rhonda and David.

Jeff !pray:

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