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Gee Wizz guys - look at their performances last year, and then look at the sponsors that are jumping on board for them. I'm talking MAJOR sponsors. They have Coal Alliances or whatever their name is that jumped on board as their MAJOR sponsor, then last night they revealed that a John Singleton based company has sponsored them for around $3 million dollars over 4 years. Fantastic for the game if you ask me.

Their management team are really clicking at the moment. The club needs it too.

I ope Manly get some major corporates or something on line. Bring back Pepsi I say.

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Newcastle have the advantage of having a much more condensed fan base than the Sydney teams. It makes a lot of business sense for Hunter based businesses to sponsor the Knights as it is easier to taregt there local market.

Singo's involvement would presumably be to try and get some of the games moved to Gosford where Singo has a huge amount of capital tied up. He tried it with Souths and they voted against it, but Newcastle would seem a better option anyway.


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Who says that Manly's management is sitting on their hands? I don't think they are but maybe the communication process is letting them down (for something different).

Did anyone notice the picture of Matt Orford in the Daily recently with the jersey that had Strathfield on the sleeve? I'm not sure if this has come up in another post. Strathfield (Car Radio) have taken over from Dairy Farmers as sleeve sponsor.

If you look under sponsors on MSE there are a couple of well known platinum sponsors I haven't heard of being connected with Manly previously - Energy Australia and QLD Group. That's positive.


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Bradza - if some sponsors are dropping out like Dairy Farmers - we aren't really going ahead.


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ryan is dairy farmers is all we have lost and we have gained strathfield, energy aus and QLD group then we are ahead by a bit.


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Ryan, there are only a few corporate sponsorships in Australian sport that are what you would call long term. Most larger companies enter into sponsorships for strategic reasons. If the aim is achieved or if it is not working they will reassess their priorities.

Pepsi was an example of that with Manly and Cronulla. It was reported in the press at the time that they had achieved their aims with gaining greater market penetration in the north of Sydney and they then moved onto Cronulla to try and get the same result in that region. You couldn't say they split with Manly because they weren't getting good exposure!?

Dairy Farmers also made similar comments in the media when they started the sleeve sponsorship with Manly. It was for two years and is now finished. Who knows, it may not have been Dairy Farmer's choice, maybe Strathfield is willing to pay more.

You can always do better, but I think we are doing ok with sponsorships. It is the maximisation of the sponsorship links and the general communication of what's happening in that area that could maybe use some work.


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By the way Ryan, in response to your original post, Coal Alliance and Bluetongue Brewery, while decent size companies, are not what I would call MAJOR household names.

It's nice to have really big companies on board but the size of the sponsorship is not always equal to how big and well known the company is. It obviously depends on the type of the sponsorship (major, sleeve etc) but also on what the company's strategic aim is.

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Dairy Farmers did not sign on as sponsors again due to 2 main reasons.

1. They have increased their sponsorship of the Cowboys where they have naming rights to the stadium.

2. Due to the deal struck between the Eagles and Energy Australia with the new lighting + sponsorship the area that used to be dominated by Dairy Farmers at the northern end was to be taken over by Energy Australia.

I recently spoke with the sponsorship sales exec from the Eagles and he said they have picked up about a dozen new sponsors, ranging from very small to Strathfield, and lost about 3 or 4.

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