New Tool Album


If your a Tool fan than you'll know what to expect..

I have only really heard the CD about half a dozen times but from what i've heard it is right up there!!

These guys were born to create music


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I got it about a month back, only listened to it once and it did not grab me straight away.

Vicarious is a awesome song but I think I need to listen to the album again and make my judgement. At the moment I would say it is not as good as their previous efforts.


It leans towards heavy byso....

I just love what they can do with guitars and drums... I'm not sure of the drummers name but he is very talented and Maynard James Keenan comes up with some pretty awesome lyrics.

Yeah SB the cover art is something i've never seen before... i'm pretty sure one of the band members does all the art for their records.. ala System Of A Down... I'm no art guru but it looks pretty awesome.

Vicarious is an awesome song.. i can basically throw the CD on and just listen to it til the albums done.. you never really know when one song stops and the other starts.

CW - Your right there is alot of Tools in the industry. Look at your very own aussie idols and then you go way out to your Micheal Jackson's and as much as i hate to say it... I think the biggest tools in the industry are James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich.. Great musicians but just tools.

Anyone who's seen "some kind of monster" may agree with me... away from the stage all they do is whinge.


Danny Carey is the drummer. The guitarist, Adam Jones is involved in all their art stuff, takes care of their film clips etc, he has worked in art/special effects depts for movies, Terminator 2,
Jurassic Park and some other big ones.

I've read somewhere that Lateralus can be played in 2-3 different orders and still flow nicely, I've never tried remixing it myself.


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A mate of mine has the new album & raves about it.
He's going to lend / copy it for me.

Going to see Something For Kate @ The Metro on Thursday night. Always good "live".

R.I.P Grant Mclennan of The Go Betweens who sadly passed away last Saturday aged 48.
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