New "Spud Carroll" book

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Massive into books and comics as a kid, but these days not so much apart from form guides or footy columns and maybe the odd game of Suduko.
But this New Spud Carroll book should be a great read, I mean he pulled no punches on the field and speaks his mind and his time at Manly were plenty of glory days, I reckon could be 1 of the better footy books as will come from the heart.
Also a bloke I always liked as not a silver spooner and came from the tough streets in the tough times, which is a big part of his pedigree and why his team mates loved him and his opponents feared him.
I see he is doing a book signing at Brookie this Saturday on gameday, so a great opportunity for the fans to get amongst it and grab a copy of this book.
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If this is the book called 'Spudd' it is not new. It came out last Christmas or so.
I've read it. Very easy read. Quite interesting. I've passed it on and there is nothing in it would make me want to re-read it.
"I come back to you now at the turn of the tide"
I haven't read it.
I hope he is not pining for his electric guitar (the one he had as a teenager).
I passed it on to my brother in law. :rolleyes:
"I come back to you now at the turn of the tide"
Do tell...
His dad, Dave Caroll, was our real estate agent in the 1990s.
Dave was also a former member of Johnny O'Keefe's backing band, the Dee Jays, in the 1960's as their bass player.
Dave gave me his old bass guitar (an old Burns 'tri-sonic' guitar body with a homemade bass guitar neck - I've subsequently donated it to the Powerhouse museum), as well as Mark's old electric, a copy of a Fender Deluxe 70's Telecaster, with a maroon/burgundy body and black pickguard, and a maple neck).
I'm pretty sure my brother in law still has Mark's old guitar (admittedly not that great, but it worked) - I'll ask him in a week when I see him.
First Grader
It’s a pity Fulton never agreed to a bio - particularly one that would have done the subject justice. That would have taken a journalist of Alan Clarkson’s, Geoff Prenter’s or Ian Heads’s calibre.

Not one of the cut and paste/ light on detail/ hazy on dates/ with no referencing or indexing numbers that most RL-related books are.

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