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I caught a glimpse of one of the new NRL TV ads last night on Channel 10, apparently there are 3 different adds that will be shown throughout the year.

I thought the ad was only average, the footage was good (our own Brett Stewart go a gig :clap: ) but to me it didn't seem to correspond all that well to the accompaning music - a "quiet" version of That's my Team.

Anyone esle see it?
I thought there were only 2 unless they are only showing the old one from last year too
I saw it last night!!!

It does not really get you all excited for the season, you will never beat the old Tina Turner ads!!!!
I agree Garts you won't beat "What you get is what you see"- not sure if that's the name of the song but it's the chorus and "Simply the Best" was a good fire up song- bring them back !!! (reminds me of the Sea-Eagles glory years.)
I sang simply the best in my Manly Beanie and not much else at the pub after we beat Saints in 96. I made the statement that I would do it earlier on so there was no pulling out- just unfortunate my nan walked into the pub just after to pick my pop up- she was not impressed !
byso you truly are a master of comprehnsion.

Can be blamed your a victim of the Howard regime
*warning politics, take your beef to social forum*

Read what you just wrote. You also are a victim. :p
yes i read it and it clearly states there are only too, with a statement as a question, posint the question on whether the old will also be shown.

your answer inferred that i had muddled myself up, when you missed the questioning tone

now byso there are 5 vowels A, E, I, O, U..................... :p
And whilst we are at it, point out the flaws in this sentence

"Read what you wrote, You are also a victim"
my spelling and typing could be on the improve. but sentence configuration is generally coherent and correct unless I am in a bogan mood.

(is that glass i hear shattering, 'tis no bother, I will simply don my dictionary hat)

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
It is a long time ago, but I always thought that Rose Tattoo's "We Can't be Beaten" would make a great anthem - for RL or just for Manly.

If you want to be in my gang, stake out with me
We'll start a revolution and make the streets free
We'll never weaken, we'll give it our best
Can't be defeated, we're better than the rest
Shoulder to shoulder, we're gonna stand
We're gonna fight till the very last man
Can't be defeated, don't know the word
Shoulder to shoulder, we'll fight the world

We can't be beaten
What do we tell 'em, boys - we can't be beaten

There comes a time when every man must fight
When he believes in justice and right
He'll take so much till he'll take no more
They'll hear us comin' when they hear the mighty roar
Shoulder to shoulder, we're gonna stand
We're gonna fight till the very last man
Can't be defeated, don't know the word
Shoulder to shoulder, we'll fight the world

We can't be beaten
Let me hear ya - we can't be beaten
Sing it out loud - we can't be beaten
We'll tell the wor-orld - we can't be beaten
I reckon Angry would be a Manly supporter too, I think he still lives at Beacon Hill.
Yeah Garts- I know "Simply the Best" but she also sang the theme song before that - I think it was called "What you get is what you see"
I wish we were still in that football era. Rugby league was awesome back then.

remember the arvo gradfinals where you would have a BBQ and allt he family would come over to watch the GF no matter what team was in it as long as itwasnt the eels. and if it was the eels you would watch just to seeem get beaten.

Was unreal Danny. I hate nighttime grand finals. League back then was great as Manly were always in the finals and up with the best. I dream ........ :shock: :shock:
Why the hell do the NRL- despite saying they do things for the fans, continually stick with the TV networks in their request for night grand finals.
I'm fairly positive that day grand finals would be the pick for sure !
As with Dan and CW I miss the day grand finals and all the traditions that go along with it-getting up and watching the lower grades and settling in for the day.
Now if your not careful and give it too much of a shake with the amber liquid you could possibly be asleep by kick off time !
You also have to walk around in anticipation all day.

All the kids would gather in the street to kick thefooty around and barrack for whcihever team. It use to feel like christmas to me as a kid.

I remember all ways looking forward to grad final day and christmas

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