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A new type of battery based on the radioactive decay of nuclear material is 10 times more powerful than similar prototypes and should last a decade or more without a charge, scientists announced this week. The longevity would make the battery ideal for use in pacemakers or other surgically implanted devices, developers say, or it might power spacecraft or deep-sea probes. You might also find these nuclear batteries running sensors and other small devices in your home in a few years.
First Grader
Thats cool.....I would get a million photos out of my camera before a recharge is required.
UFO Hunter
The people the worlds largest crater, not sure what its called, they are the poeple who have the tradition of jumping all the time, they make the walls of their homes from cow ****. Dried out of course.
Journey Man
Nuclear energy has the potential to be rather green as such, its just the transportation and material handling that isnt. There needs to be a lot more technology advancements in the area.


Kim Jong Dan
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the nuclear part is fine, i thought it was mainly the waste it produced!

Flufy i am sure youcould answer it better but just because its Nuclear does not mean we are all going to have our brains fried and die for poisoning. There are obvious levels and different types of radiation. The radiation produced by this battery is probably minimal
UFO Hunter
Less I would imagine than holding a cell phone up to your head. Or the amount from a television.
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Nuclear??? Well, I hope they don't use it too much until the manufacturing process is better....
UFO Hunter
And of course you have been working in the field of nuclear physics or even the handling of nuclear materials for years havn't you.

Im sure, that when the time comes for these batteries to be released, they will meet the safty requirements needed to be up for sale.

BTW, exactly what is so bad about nuclear energy as long as the waste is delt with accordingly? Did you realise their is enough material on earth to use nuclear energy for 6 billion years? And when nuclear fission energy is finally fully developed, half the wast, 10x the power and all that blows out the smoke stack............. steam.
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I don't like non-renewable resources...
Nuclear material handling? No, just the international & domestic law dealing with them. At the moment there is no clean or green way to handle or dispose of the materials.
I'm ok with nuclear stuff as long as its used in the right way & handled effectively... and also doesn't stuff up. Cause it can. In a big way. Oh, and uses in medicine is fabulous!
But that doesn't use huge amounts of nuclear materials... and tends to use stuff with a fairly low half life. The Lucas Hill site, when I went, wasn't making much waste, but then again the waste takes up alot of room. And I was shown around by a guy who looked ust like Spike Milligan. Scary. LMAO
P.S. nuclear physicists don't tend to have much to do with the actual handling etc. They do theory.

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