Nathan Brown

Is there a more under-achieving Coach in the Comp? He's never even managed to get the Dragons to a Grand Final. Why on earth did Doust hire him in the first place? At the time, they needed an experienced Coach like Tim Sheens to take them over the top, not a first year Coach. If I was Doust I'd fire him today. I know they're young and always get injuries, but they never appear to over-achieve.
Like I said in the other thread -- they get rid of Kite and Bailey and keep Ryles.

Bailey and Kite will be the starting props for NSW this year and Ryles will be nursing a broken finger-nail watching Origin on TV.


UFO Hunter
The side has lost a lot of blokes to injury.

However, the previous few seasons their is no reason the Dragons shouldn't have racked up at least 2 premierships.

So either he is a terrible coach or the players on his teams are all chokers.


UFO Hunter
Are you serious Nutz? I wouldn't want John Lang if it was a toss up between he and Peter Sharp... well, maybe not that extreme.

Do you realise that John Lang doesn't coach structure. He wants players to be ad-lib. Without any structure he coaches teams to be spontaneous and make up their own style as they go along.

One of the things Reece Whesser was saying on NRL on fox was that the Panthers were having trouble adjusting to Matt Elliot's coaching because they haven't played to a set structure for so long.

A lot of them were having trouble with learning their position and role in the team. I was astounded when they were talking about it.


John Lang took penrith all the way and generally has his teams thereabouts.

How many premierships does Elliott have??

I do rate Elliott as a coach though.. but will reserve my judgement of him once this year is done.. because i think he has a top 8 team and a pass mark for him would be for them to finish top 8 IMO.

I'm just saying i'd would rather John Lang as my teams coach over Nathan Brown.


Winging it
Nathan should stop pussy-footing around with his team of chokers and start slapping up some heads. Ooops, he tried that and it didn't work.

My favorite part of last night was the Roosters hit 1000 wins, no one believed it would happen so they had put away the fireworks, and when they got into the sheds after the game they didn't know the words to their victory song. I couldn't stop laughing.

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If he was a terrible coach, then his side wouldn't have put together some of the games they have the past few years, and made it as far in the comp. That 28-0 against us last season was unstoppable, and the next week they were ordinary, that is more a players thing to me.

Is a tough gig being a coach, when the team wins the coach hardly rates a mention, but they lose and it is all their fault.

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I am not a fan of Brown. With the players he has had at his disposal over the last few years they have little to show for it.

How good he really is will be shown by whether he can develop some of these younger players now that Gasnier is out and Barrett and co are gone.


Onya CW. Well said. I just wonder how long till he's sacked. Its long overdue.
They should of won a GF in 04, 05, or 06 with the cattle they had but didnt even play in a GF. Thats what i call a **** coach. I hate em.
I hope they get their 4th spoon. Brown deserves one.

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Well im not one for coming out all judgemental without inside knowledge but i tell you one thing. If I was CEO there I would have taken the clue when Brown displayed his immaturity as a coach by slapping Barrett. Brown should have ben ashamed and knuckled down to the job and turned that embarrassment around. But nup, no such thing. In fact they are going backwards and theres you have another major clue.

Ive changed my mind, the CEO needs sacking for being unable to read the state of play.

Jatz Crackers

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BTW Barrett & Co deserved to get slapped that game. They were playing terribly.

No man should have to put up with being slapped in public. If i was in Barretts shoes i wouldnt have, I would have been having a shower in the sheds while the team doc looked after a concussed Brown on the sidelines.

But the point is Brown was completely and utterly out of line and clearly displayed his immature approach to professional coaching.

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