Nathan Brown Impact?

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I absolutely love this guy! He has nothing but heart on his side. To play at this level looking like Barney Rubble is an absolute miracle in itself. I guarantee there is no other player out there giving more effort than him given his stature and position.
He will soon be a fan favourite


I'm thinking Seibold has determined that we need some grub factor in our forwards. Lodge and Brown certainly bring that but it needs to be tempered with intelligence. We need it to be an intimidation factor not a giving away penalties factor.
Was good to see him get in there and stick up for burbo/turbo - someone with a little mongrel backing up his team mates - what we've been lacking!


I thought Aloiai looked good out there today.

Limited minutes coming back from a niggle or whatever it was that kept him out but ran hard and tackled well.
Yeah I agree. I thought he bent the line. Sure, he didn’t play a lot of minutes or feature in any highlights but his early defence was brutal and he was back to the leg speed/fast play-the-ball he was once known for.

I think his role last year was part of the problem. It seems Seibs tried to use him as a ball distributor at times and it’s not natural for him. He played with a noisy head last season. His role should be like today. Short stints of high energy, run hard, tackle hard. The end!

Jay Eagle

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He will be in our starting 17 come round 1... and he will be massive, Not BK but hes a chance of providing some grunt, mongrel and win at all costs desire that the rest of our team ( forwards mainly) need to find.

He looks like a Manly forward and I hated him at Parra because he could play, I will be cheering him on at manly 100%

If he stays fit and wants it bad enough he could be a massive buy and on the cheap.
I said it early and it will be the case, Exactly what a Manly forward is all about


Doin' the eagle rock 🦅
I like everyone on here hated the guy mostly too because he was an eel. But everytime he played he would run hard and put his body on the line. A throwback to some of the great forwards of the past. Spudd Carroll always rated him, and I can see why. He plays with heart. I still couldn't believe the squeels let him go. Obviously didn't fit into the rich rooster's culture and I now can't wait to see more from him for us. Rip in Browny and maybe some of our softer forwards can get some mongrel too and follow you.


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yep. I just had to throw that disclaimer in because I will never ever get over my hatred for the Eels and he was a big part of it for many years.
Very fair call - but I'm on the Brown train....but understand your call 🤟


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Lodge and brown are going to bring the starch we have been missing upfront big time. Paseka is still way too soft in his approach for my liking. He’s been a bit underwhelming for mine of late.
Harsh but true - monster body and as an example, if you put Browns attitude in Paseka body would dominate the NRL forwards


I think the big difference between Paseka and the other big units in the NRL, is leg speed. A guy like Haas is also big but very athletic and quick. Paseka doesn’t have the acceleration or engine to be elite. He’ll do a job and be effective at times, just not elite imo.


Lodge and brown are going to bring the starch we have been missing upfront big time. Paseka is still way too soft in his approach for my liking. He’s been a bit underwhelming for mine of late.
Don't forget how good Paseka was for us before he got injured last year. He was our best forward up to that point along with Haumole. First game of the season and yes he was quiet, but still bent the line and had strong contact in defence. Didn't play as many minutes as well so don't worry, it'll all come back with more games. But do agree, the additions of Lodge and Brown are the much needed mongrel we need and I can't wait to have them all in the same 17.

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