Name your worst possible 1st grade team of the past 20 years

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Kim Jong Dan
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Here are the rules.

1 - Players in your team must have played at least 5 First Grade games
2 - Can have played the games for any club
3 - backup your selections with reasons

I will be nice and say you can name a "rep" team of players from any club, but your first team must be a "manly" team and consist of players who played at least 1 first grade game for manly
Hmm cant come up with a full team but i can think of a few players who deserve the award.

Fullback - luke phillips
Halfback - does kimmorely count??
five-eighth - michael buttner

ok ok so u might be discounting N/E but they came to mind instantly lol
scott Foultan would get a run...shipway etc
Angelo Alavana
Hugh waddell
Scott Fulton
Dare Kovare
Doug Rollinson
Yoregn Rogers
Darren McCarthy
Dean Carney
Brett Gale
just to name a few
Sorry not all Manly players but plenty of Bums

Here is my Manly team

1/ Yorgen Rogers
2/ Chris Montgomery
3/ Peter Cootes
4/ Brett Grogan
5/ Andrew Frew
6/ Luke Dorn
7/ Adam Brown
8/ Hugh Waddell
9/Scott Fulton
10/ Dannny Costello
11/ Ray Higgs
12/ Larie Fryer
13/ Bernard Dwyer

Neville Elwyn
Ian Baker
Andy Goodway
The Squasher
Read the rules dude.

You HAVE to back up your selection with a reason for why,
Looks at the names dude, I shouldn't have to give a reason for some of those and I donot have the time.
sam murphy
andrew frew
brett grogan
nigel roy
joel penny
adam brown
adam peters
jay bandy
thats pretty bad rocky boy.

I would have thought this thread would have had a bit more input than this
01. Matt Seers
02. Brett Dallas
03. Greg Florimo
04. Michael Buetner
05. Matt King
06. Ben Ikin
07. Matt Orford
08. Gary Larson
09. Jason Taylor (why not)
10. Mark O'mealey
11. David Fairleigh
12. Paul Stringer
13. Glenn Morrison

14. Josh Stuart

Reason for all. I think you can guess.
This is a most excellent thread. I am only using Manly players as they are the only ones I care to remember.

1. Jorgen Rogers - 1 game on opening day vs Bulldogs. Horrible. Craig Polla Mounter palmed him embaressingly on the way to the try line. The Footy Show used it in their opening credits so we had to sit through it time and again.

2. Andrew Frew - Hopeless. His name can be substituted in numerous pop songs so I'm glad he played for us.

3. Danny Moore - Probably not a popular choice but I think he sucked. Very good defender but NOTHING in attack. Spilt the ball so often I can't see why Bozo persisted. We had such a great team then we could afford to have him.

4. Kevin Iro - Big reputation. Made an explosive bust on debut V the Broncos at Brooky. Did nothing ever since.

5. Albert Torrens - I select him more as a testiment to Manly since 1998. The fact he was with us 9 seasons reflects how poor we have been since then. Not the worst three quarter but average, low mistake rate, reasonable back up from reserve grade material. Slap him on the wing.

6. Jye Mullane - Famous for being bad. Honourable mentions to Matt Ridge (made to play 5/8 in the match Jorgen Rodgers was fullback, ran around like a headless chook) + Col Bently, at best a Penrith player

7. Craig Teevan - Couldn't believe we signed him.

8. Adrian Shelford - Had really gay legs. Great forward pass in last gap win V Saints. RIP

9. Scotty Fulton - At least he eye gouged and spat well and scored a beaut ARL contract. We knew Super League couldn't win when the ARL's first pick up was mighty Scotty.

10. The Squasher - Some nice suspensions.

11. Tony Iro - At least tried to play unlike Kevin. Serial ball dropper, frustrating.

12. Matt Gubberina - I think that's how it's spelt. Sad union convert.

13. Ben Kennedy - coz I'm jealous this isn't his 11th season with us he is s damn good. I never thought I'd love a forward as much as Rambo, Jughead, Beaver and Robbo but I do now.
1. Sam Murphy
2. Brett Grogan
3. Christian Hill
4. Scott Pethybridge
5. Scott McLean
6. John Malu
7. Adam Brown
8. Grant Wooden
9. Scott Fulton
10. Adam Peters
11. Greg Ebrill
12. Wayne Evans
13. Brad Kelly

14. Adam Hayden
15. Jay Bandy
16. Dragan Durdevic
17. Danny Costello

Do you really need reasons?
Non manly but deserve mentions

Csizwaslski - just utterly out of his depth

Don tweedle - was awsomly unimpressive

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