My thought's on that game

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My thought's on that game

1st of all, I have to get this off my chest. Glenn Hall. I was very shocked on a few fronts with the bloke. 1st of all was his efforts before the game in the change room on National Television, where he had pulled his pants and underdacks to the side, and was picking what appeared to be hair from his testicles !!! LoL...Besides that - oh - my - god. What a player !!!! Fast, mobile, strong. I have to say, I'm very impressed.

Jamie Lyon is all class. We already knew it. He didn't even have to confirm it. But he's a gun. Enough said on this front.

We have all pretty well been concerned over King, Stewart and Willow. All had great games, and I hope they can keep up this consistency. Stewart was a stand out with great line breaks, and an ability to offload to our centres.

I think tonight showed Monaghan can be an 80 minute Hooker, with Willow on the bench in case Monnas gets injured. With Matai gorn for a while, Burns should be a definite starter, with Lyon in the centres.

Burns is a gun, and has carried his form on from last year. That's saying a lot because there are a heck of a lot of players that have a 2nd year syndrome, and while Burns played a snipet in 2005, I consider this his real 2nd year.

Manly now have the ability to create try's from anywhere. Stewart, Willow, Hall, Bryant and Rose all created 2nd phase play.

The forwards as a whole were excellent, and dominated The Canberra pack. That's saying a lot considerring Kite had a very quiet game.

If Matai is out next week, I'd have all faith in including Hall again on the bench. I'd almost go with:-

01. Brett Stewart
02. Michael Robertson
03. Jamie Lyon
04. Steven Bell
05. Chris Hicks
06. Travis Burns
07. Matt Orford
08. Jason King (great game mate !!!)
09. Michael Monaghan
10. Brent Kite
11. Anthony Watmough
12. Steve Menzies
13. Glenn Stewart

14. Luke Williamson
15. George Rose
16. Mark Bryant
17. Glenn Hall

In perspective though - we were playing an injury ravaged Canberra, and we will need to improve substantially to trouble the good sides. That said, it was shocking conditions, and I thought we did well regardless. If we played Melbourne tonight, I think we may have still scratched a win.

In signing off - I have to say - the light situation at Brooky was disgraceful...I know it can't be helped...but perception would be that it was quite unproffesional. Lets get an upgrade of facilities eh !!! Come on David Barr - get the pen moving....or we will see a labor govt. dominate the local elections.

Have to say - I'm happt overall. There's still a long way to go, but the signs are there for a decent season.

It looked as though Beaver, Watmough, Orford, Stewart should all be ok for next week.....Matai - not so good.


My thought's on that game

By the way did anyone watch PL.
Bani was a class above the rest, scored an awesome individual try. Wells looked the goods also, plays Lock a lot like Nik Kosef.


My thought's on that game

He was wearing an ankle brace on the bench.
Oh dammit.
By the way Ryan i think the score was something like 36-14. The Maggies scored three late tries, apart from that we had it all over them.


My thought's on that game

Well... i thought it was a bit scrappy and we weren't at our best.. to be expected but was happy with where we are at right now. We were by far the better team and probably won by what we should have won by.

Travis Burns - NEEDS to play number 6... he is a great little player.. it sucks that we only saw 11 minutes of Jamie Lyon at 6 but fair dinkum Travis was very solid.

Matty Orford - Best on ground by a mile... great game from the little bloke again.

Jamie Lyon - A few good touches here and there but looked like he might need a bit of time to settle in but rather him be in the maroon and white then have to play against him.

Brent Kite/Jason King - Both were good.. no compaints for either from me.

Glenn Stewart/Luke Williamson/Glenn Hall - Great games from these blokes... WIllo just pops up everywhere to save the day.. glenn stewart made a good couple of breaks and a good couple of offloads aswell as being solid in defence and glenn hall looked like he could become a regular.

I thought Brett Stewart although didn't score a try as is his norm.. was very good at the back.

Monaghan is in the 9 to stay whether you like it or not.. he has made that no.9 his own and full credit to him.


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My thought's on that game

Yeah Bani looked great in the seconds.He has a lot of pace,and unlike Robertson and Hicks,it looks like he has the ability to break the line and make a try for himself.Look for him to get some first team time at some point during the season.


First Grader
My thought's on that game

Bani was impressive, he will be one of our wingers next season.

Wells looked ok and has bulked up. Cuthbo was pretty quite and didnt do anything. Afamasaga is a nugget, looks a good ball runner, give him a few more weeks in PL then he is a good option for us, good impact from the bench.

Trembath also played his first game in PL, looked keen and always wanted to take a hit up when on. Be interesting to see how quickly he develops, still looks young but held is own against the older guys.

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