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My take on tonights game-Round 12

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by The Eagle, May 28, 2011.

  1. The Eagle

    The Eagle Well-Known Member

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    So,finally half an hour late the Channel nein kick off occurs

    The teams run at eachother,getting in the good old arm wrestle,this goes on until the 12th minute where Gifty goes a bit high on Wallace,worse head highs have been let go but perhaps thats just manly bias

    Broncos thankfully take the 2 points,this is a big part of the game for mine,instead of keeping the pressure on they relieve it for the cost of 2 points,a diabolical move as its a sign that Brisbane dont think they can crack our defense,which has been quiet marvellous

    The arm wrestle hardly gets started from the next kickoff,a brisbane set ends in a kick and chase which gives us the same thing right back,decent set and a good kick on the end of it,tackle 2 Yow Yee fumbles and a 2nd man play sees Yow Yee get caught out of position thanks to Foz and Stewie,LYON finally takes a shot at goal....and misses

    Brisbane get a somewhat lucky play to make a break,due to DCE still waiting for his testicle to re-decend.....Stewart makes a brilliant tackle only for the broncos go around our "put a tissue over us" defensive formation after the line break,was done way to easily

    A Checcin-Esque penalty sees the Broncos go into the dressing room 6 points ahead,that was perhaps the softest penalty i have ever seen as Matai was following the ball

    Joe makes one of his customary knock ons and we hit the sheds,what comes out the other end of halftime is something of brilliance

    Kickoff occurs and within about a minute Manly are winning almost every single collision,pushing blokes another few metres while mostly either stopping the brisbane offense dead or pushing them back,a few blokes from brisbane make the push but its not nearly enough,they are clearly losing this arm wrestle

    Predictably this results in another try,the way the try occured however was not predictable,it was built upon brilliance and bull****,Forans worst try assist if there is such a thing sees T Rex's chances of doing the naked lap to easy to mess up,Lyon kicks and its good!

    Brisbane is clearly losing this battle,10 all and manly not only have the momentum but the sparks we were seeing in the 1st half start becoming jets of pure awesome,DCE puts up the perfect bomb for the leagues best offensive bomb catchers to score with basic ease,Brisbanes night is only about to get worse,after 10 more minutes of the bumbling broncos and an uncharacteristic Brett Stewart knock on leading nowhere good for the baby broncos,after a good line break DCE's dummy finally pays dividends resulting in a marvellous solo try,Lyon still converting,hopefully this is a sign of things to come

    Minutes later we seen what will have other teams ****ting their pants,a brilliant side-chip-grubber kick from Foz into the hands of Snake and straight back out of them into DCE's hands who almost runs himself across the deadball line,thankfully he did not as that try deserves a million replays which it will have in opposition locker rooms,they will find no defense for this caper,DCE goes from 0 career trys to 2 in about the space of 5 minutes

    A few minutes later our off field captain makes one of the most horrid tackles in the modern game,a neck grapple,highly odd from the old plodder,his antics impressed noone especially not the refs,if he gets suspended for that well,i will definatly not complain,i hate the broncos but i dont want to see anyones neck broken

    Next cab off the ranks was the brilliance of a few players,DCE,Foran and Snake help Hopoate score the perfect contortionist try,Broncos for the rest of the game "Assault" our line without ever looking dangerous


    B Stewart-8-Brilliant...lethal...orgasmic,perhaps lost 20cm of pace
    Hopoate-7.5-Did nothing wrong and scored a double
    Lyon-7-Not quiet at his peak but still highly solid
    Matai-7.5-4th most LB's in the NRL after missing 4 weeks.....just wow
    D Williams-6.5-I cant fault him for anything.....but wasnt overly involved
    Foran-9.9-Just wow......this kid apparently has improvement left..Where?
    DCE-8-More involved,a double and some brilliant kicking,passing,running
    King-6-In defense was solid,in attack....meh
    Ballin-7.5-Did easily the biggest hit of the game,was a monster in defense
    Kite-6.5-As with King...good defense....attack needs some work
    Watmough-7-Expected more from him in attack,he isnt 2009 yet
    Gulavao-7-Defended well,attack needs more catching tho Joe
    G Stewart-8-Ran with gusto,hit with gusto,the man was pure gusto

    T Williams-6-Needs to time his run from acting half better,he was solid
    Robinson-7-Our best prop tonight in my view,he didnt have a hard act to follow though
    Rose-4-His injury seen him have few minutes....he didnt have enough time
    Bhurer-Unrateable-Des why waste this blokes awesome talent???

    This year is one of great opportunity,the 1st half those sparks were there,the 2nd the fire finally fizzed out with 6 minutes left due to lack of need to keep it going,thankfully never letting in those soft trys as the game ended which we were guilty of earlier on,Keep up the good work boys,with this set of halves we have an era of dominance coming in the likes of which unthinkable in the modern game,aslong as we hold onto Desmond Hasler and his terrible haircut and we NEED to keep a hold on these halves....at almost any cost,if this happens the 70s will be a mere footnote in history in comparison

    The only area i see weakness in is the props as was expected pre season[hr]
    Edit-Brett Stewart didnt touch the ball,id forgotten this refs blunder
  2. manlyforever08

    manlyforever08 Active Member

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    Unbelieveable that buhrer didn't get onto the field til about 10mins to go! Especially after george's injury sidelining him for the rest of the game. Very odd move by Dessie.

    But didn't snake look awesome at the back there?! Real test will be if he can back it up and play next saturday against the doggiez
  3. chrisos

    chrisos Active Member

    +62 /19
    Nice summary,and a good read i would have given t rex 7 instead of six though :p
  4. Ian Martin tragic

    Ian Martin tragic Well-Known Member

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    Yes the props looking like a possible weak point over the length of a season, but so far the smaller miniprops like joe gn and mauro and robinson have done a job. rodney will come back and add go forward too.

    Not playing the 17th man is a pattern this year so seems to be a strategy; maybe to build strength/stamina, to have the final fresh man as a real boost if needed later on in the season. Perhaps its related to the prop shortage. It's working ok so far....
  5. ssar

    ssar Well-Known Member

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    Great win to the Maroon & Whites over the Bronco 34-10 @ Lang Park last night!
    Such a Dominant 2nd-half, so sweet to see Brett Stewart making some awesome plays in both defense & offense.

    Foran deserved Man Of The Match too, another great game.
    Choc Watmough's 200th NRL game and he put in a huge effort too.
    Dale Cherry-Evans and Jamie Lyon both threw in a few brilliant plays and kept the pressure on their opponents so often.
    Hoppa dangerous, clever and safe - great try in the corner!
    T-Rex damaging off the bench and it was so sweet to watch him with his first touch of the ball on the rampage to get over the try line!
    Matty Ballin plenty of work as usual, same with Glen Stewart.

    Great win Manly Boys!!!
  6. Rex

    Rex Well-Known Member

    +2,376 /60
    I found it strange too that the post raved about Robinson, and then dissed T-Rex. Not suggesting Robinson didn't play well, but T-Rex hit-up an extra 41 metres over Robinson with just one more run, a line break (to zero), a try (to zero). Very nearly two tries to zero. No question who the opposition feared the most. Prejudged?

    If Robinson is a 7, then T-Rex is an 8.
  7. Fro

    Fro Well-Known Member

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    OMG now Shane is doing wrapups.

    Whats the world coming to? :)

    Good work bud, you may have finally clicked what this site is about.
  8. Cameron

    Cameron Cambo

    +669 /35
    Harsh on choc he made almost 150'meters
    He was an 8 for me Shane
  9. mickqld

    mickqld Sack Greenslime 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +5,250 /109
    Bit harsh on Kitey as well I thought he played very well and did the job required. 7.5 for mine.
  10. Wolfpack

    Wolfpack Well-Known Member

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    I agree with what you've said but Tim Robinson is no "miniprop", he is a big lad.

    Also with Cambo re:Choc, he was great for us tonight. The back row are really killing it (& making up for the short-comings of the front row in the process).

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