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I posted a thread on mse on friday titled choc stating that i thought Watmough should play in the centres and that Brett Stewart should play 5/8th because Witt would make a really good fullback. Nice to see they took it as a joke. Poofs. Everyone else seems to get on that site and suggest that people should play in stupid positions. Why can't i?


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yup off the back of scrums he went right out to centre and to defend/attack and pushed matai further in. Brett stewart also often cam up and helped bulster that side.

That was where the tries were being scored and it definately strengthened that side as Matai was a bit shakey.

Robertson was a good defender, just watched his man and cleaned him up each time


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[quote author=Stuey Davis Socks]
Just out of interest, who stuck their mellon in the scrums when Watmough was out in the centres?
I couldn't work it out???? Anyone??


Either Bell or Matai, depended on which side of the ground the scrum was packed.

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Johnny Utah : "Watmough should play in the centres and that Brett Stewart should play 5/8th because Witt would make a really good fullback"

Prune : "That's definately thinking outside the square! I personally don't agree, but ideas like yours are needed to invigorate thought"

Now thats very funny. Keep it up Mr Point Break. :lol:

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Elsewhere on MSE the funny stuff just keeps on coming :


Bazeagle Who is the silvertails and all these various Manly factions that lob up on this forum?
I have no clue and don't want to. I just love Manly and want to supprt the team as best I can. It feels to me that there are groups of fans and grudges that go way back. I am really glad I am pretty ignorant of all this stuff. Trying to define a True Manly Fan is a complete waste of time.

Jatz Crackers Hi Baz, I can help with this one.
Fractions are a mathematical measurement which define a ratio of one or more parts to a unit. For instance a half back is quite often halfway down the wholeness of a footy field.
Nothin like an algebraic analogous to brighten the day now is it

Bazeagle Factions are not fractions. Look up the word in the dictionary

Right Now Look in the dictionary for the word "humour".

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