I now have no expectations of the side for the remainder 2005 after yesterdays disgraceful performance. Yesterday we had everything to play for,

- A definite finals berth, our first since 1998
- A chance to retain our position on the ladder, and maybe even try to make ground on moving up to 5th or 6th spot to ease our finals campaign
- Commemorating the 70's and our massive success during that decade

Instead, we didn't show up and we managed to lose by 62 points, not even Souths have done that. The players didn't even look interested in playing. It makes it even worse that it was to the Sharks who I consider to be a joke.

I thought we turned over a new leaf when we put up two somewhat strong performances against the Cowboys and the Broncos but that has been backed up by two atrocious losses to this years wooden spooners and the Sharks. I can only hope that the players perform next week, I want to enjoy my Saturday night at Brookie.

I say we commemorate the 70's further and suspend 1/24 of each players income other than Ben Kennedy who actually tried. This suspended income should only be retrieved if the players can manage to achieve a positive points differential by the end of round 26 or if they can make it to the 3rd week of the finals. Players in the 70's played for nearly nothing, maybe these boys need to realise what their playing for.

A loss like this hurts, it will stick for a while but it the history that worries me. This club has alot of pride and has been immensely successful. Overall in our history we still have an extremly favourable record and I don't want that to be tarnished with pissweak performances like yesterday's.

I also agree that some players need to be dropped. Im a big Monaghan fan but if he and the likes of King and Randall need to be dropped for the benefit of the clubs form then so be it. We need players who can play, who want to be in first grade and who want to put their all into the maroon and white cause.

I can only find one positive, a loss like this usually prompts a team to play great football the week after to try and compensate. Last year when we got smashed by Penrith the boys wanted to make up for it and we ended up smashing the Knights by 38 points. Hopefully we can expect a big performance from the boys against the Warriors this week.

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