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So i was looking forward to the game all week. Could barely contain my excitement yesterday. Kept myself away from seeing any results and didnt answer my phone all night.

THen I am sitting watching the game and not exactly enjoying it but seeing the broncos play some outstanding football and having a can or 2.

Its 10 nil only 10 mins into the game and my friends flat mate walks in and says.

"What is the score, I heard it was 30 nil at half time"

I wanted to slap her, I tried to ignore her, my mates other flat mate told he not to mention the score and shut up about it as we were trying to watch it and they are all eagles supporters too and trying to stay away from hearing it. So now she keeps saying sorry i thought it was a joke i didnt believe them that it was 30-0 at half time about 50 times.

Needless to say I watched very little of the rest of the game and went out and got drunk instead.

How friggin annoying, why would someone do that why? The first friday night game in 7 years and it was ruined for me not by the scoreline but by someone telling me the score line 10 minutes into the bloody game. If I dont go to the parra game I am locking myself out from the rest of the world
Yeah but still you never ever mention the score to anyone watching a game of football unless they frigging ask. Natalie is now barred from all social events after that one
Bad luck mate. It's an unwritten law. I'm also annoyed when people go and check the score on the NRL site or whatever and then come down and watch it.

I'm regretting going to League's Club to watch it. Well I was more so this morning.
at least i dont have t wait another 7 years for another game. I am just going to have to watch it at my house instead
OMG Daniel, I got angry just then just re-reading the story. I can't believe you didn't tell her off, what an imbo.
I did tell her off, we all did. Her name is natalie and she will prolly be at the game next week, so you all have to tell her off as well.

Ever heard the song "Bigmouth Strikes again?" well yeah the opening lines were pertenant here without the "only joking" part,-the/126808.html
Yeah Dan .I went to a mates place the story goes, to get away from wife b'coz she's a shocker starts watchin' footy with ya...gets bored or tired one or the other goes to bed listens to the radio ......and the rest is just like your story....nearly every freakin Friday night...... so now it's a boys night out beer ,prawns,LAN, Simpsons and snacks as hot and spicy as you like no place for wimps (but geez did I pay for it this morn'n) and even though the internet is on no-one says a word about the score. !doh:
my flat mate did it to me twice within 24hrs a few weeks back. as soon as he told me I just turned of the tv and walked out, dumb carnt did'nt know why I was so annoyed as the games did'nt involve Manly.
" Bigmouth strikes again "

I was listening to the Smiths greatest Hits whilst catching up with the news on this site.
How bizzare !!

Bad etiquette on Natalies behalf , but maybe she softened the blow for you.
We need to look on the bright side . we are atill equal competition leaders & Friday nights loss will be a good experience for the team , in particular the youngsters. We need to regroup & win our next 2 games ( Tigers at Brooky & more importantly Parra at Parra Stadium on Friday weeknight )
Don't we have the dogs at Telstra on Saturday night at 5.30 pm in between the Tigpies and Slimes?????

By the way Danny - people have been shot for less. I still remember the "I won't tell you the score but it was an upset!" line in a similar position. Grrrrrr !wall:
omg i haaaate that..

i was trying to come up with the best way to enjoy friday nights game without anyone spoiling it.. it drives me crazy when i hav to watch manly on the telly and its not live.. i just hate knowing that the game has already happened and no matter how much you hope, its all played and done - theres nothing u can do.. aargh frustrates me thinking about it!!!

luuuckily matt took me up there.. yay! i was pretty shattered at half time.. but when we talked it all through it wasnt too bad.. still had a great time!
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That is natalie!

If you see her at the game on sunday please let her know how horrible and wrong her behaviour was on friday night

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she is public enemy number 1 in my eyes. No amount of sizeable chest can make me forgive her
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