MWSE Squad Contract Status & Top 30 List

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Wonder why it only shows Marty to 2020? I swear I recently read he'd been re-signed with Walker, although Walker was quoted commenting on his re-signing whereas Marty hasn't (to my knowledge).
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Toafofoa Sipley20202021
Curtis Sironen20202021
Samuel Smith2020
Moses Suli2020
Jorge Taufua20202021
Martin Taupau2020
Joel Thompson20202021
Jake Trbojevic2020202120222023202420252026
Tom Trbojevic2020202120222023202420252026
Corey Waddell2020
Dylan Walker20202021
Tony Williams2020

Wonder why it only shows Marty to 2020? I swear I recently read he'd been re-signed with Walker, although Walker was quoted commenting on his re-signing whereas Marty hasn't (to my knowledge).

Yes Marty confirmed till 2022. Refer to page 1 of this thread for contract lengths and verifications where possible
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Martin Taupau Re-signs
Manly Warringah Sea Eagles are pleased to announce the re-signing today of powerhouse prop Martin Taupau. Off contract at the end of next season, the new extension will keep him in the Sea Eagles colours until the end of 2022.

Martin Taupau Re-Signs
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Sea Eagles
Feb 06 2020

Contracts are parlous enough documents in modern professional rugby league. Like the salary cap - a self-imposed ceiling on player earnings - they keep people moving around. If someone wants out and their club's good with that, it's win-win for player and franchise, if not fan.
There’s no stopping progress.
And so, for a season preview with a slant, we've knocked up Manly's probable starting XIII for season 2020, and followed those worthies with everyone from the greater squad. And we've nailed down how long they’re signed up for, and divined from that how long they're going to be good.
And the answer: long enough. Manly is looking good for 2020. And '21. And '22. After that, only Future Ben Trbojevic - signed on a rookie deal alongside his famous brothers - could tell you.
The contracts of the big names – Tom Trbojevic, Jake Trbojevic, Daly Cherry-Evans, Martin Taupau – have been well documented. Those guys are locked and loaded. You couldn't prise them away from Des Hasler with a Bobcat from space.
But how long can the Brookie Hill mob howl for a Jorge Taufua hit? How long will girls swoon as dimple-chinned Reuben Garrick streaks down the wing?
Answer: again, long enough! All but Moses Suli (below) - cunningly signed to a one-year deal, we'll extrapolate why later - has signed for two seasons or more.
Who Des wants, Des has.

New players at the Sea Eagles in 2020 include:
  • Danny Levi from Newcastle Knights (as a stop-gap for Manase Fainu’s “No Fault” standown);
  • 20-year-old halfback Luke Metcalf who’s been upgraded from a development contract;
  • Brayden Musgrove, 21, also from the Knights.
Moving onwards are Kane Elgey and Trent Hodkinson (retired), Api Koroisau (Penrith) and Lloyd Perrett (Brisbane).

And the anticipated starting XIII - with all The Rest in a big bundle below - is as follows. We've also included how long they'll be bopping about in maroon-and-white, at least according to their contracts. For what it's worth.

Bottom line? We like 'em.

1. The brilliant Tom Trbojevic is wrapped up for the next seven – count ‘em 7 - seasons. And thus there’s no need to worry about his man-movements until some time, you’d suggest, in the off-season of 2025/26. Keep the flying brilliant big man on the field and the Sea Eagles are dangerous every match. He's like young Greg Inglis. He's an absolute beauty.

2. Dependable, rib-rattling wing-man Jorge Taufua will be 30 years old when his contract expires at the end of 2021, and you’d suggest that’ll be the end of his time flattening people in first grade. It’s been a hoot thus far, and Taufua remains a crowd favourite and the most feared defensive winger in the game.

3. After his breakout season in 2019, flame-haired centre Brad Parker had scouts and opposition clubs sniffing about wondering Who is that flame-haired straight man? But they can sniff no more because Parker B. is signed as a Sea Eagle for the next two seasons. He’ll be 23 in late Feb. The Brad Parker years are now.

4. Moses Suli remains unsigned by Manly beyond this season. The Tongan international is just 21 and has been prone to eating and exercising at levels not conducive to remaining in the National Rugby League, particularly under a coach like Des Hasler. But word is our Mose is fit and firing, and it's seen as a canny move by Manly to not sign him longer than a season lest he get too comfortable in his own flabby skin. It remains a calculated risk, however, whether other clubs fear signing him for the same reason. Because at his best the 110 kilogram centre can carve you up.

5. Reuben Garrick was Manly’s Rookie of The Year, top try-scorer and top point-scorer, and will be doing it at Brookvale for two more seasons at least. A minimum of mistakes. Fast. Top goal-kicker. Looks good on the telly. Ticks a few boxes for Eagles Inc., spunky Reuben.

6. Dylan Walker has two seasons to run on his contract and will be looking to repay the faith of Manly fans who haven’t seen his best. Class player considered good enough for State of Origin. Des Hasler will eke out every bit of him. You sense Walker wants to be liked. You sense he has this season to give Manly fans reason why.

7. Daly Cherry-Evans is signed until the end of 2023 when he’ll be 34 years old. One of the premier halfbacks in the NRL, a fit Cherry-Evans – alongside the Trbojevic brothers and props Marty Taupau and Addin Fonua-Blake – is pivotal to Manly’s chances of a premiership within DCE's next few birthdays.

8. Mighty Martin Taupau, 30, remains the strongest man in the NRL. The Samoan and Kiwi international is clearly extremely well thought of at Brookvale because they've signed him for three more years. Don’t cut that hair, big man.

9. Following the arrest and subsequent charging of Manase Fanu for allegedly stabbing someone at a Mormon church dance, 83-game rake Danny Levi comes from Newcastle on a one-year deal. The 24-year-old has run around for Samoa and New Zealand, and is clearly first grade NRL quality. But if he goes down, out to Blacktown Workers D.Hasler must go. And if there's a weakness in Manly's best XVII, it appears to be base of the ruck. Because Lachlan Croker is a hooker not.

10. Addin Fonua-Blake is entering his optimal prime as a front-rower after several seasons of getting bigger and better. If he gets any bigger and better, Manly fans will be overjoyed to learn he’s signed at Brookvale until the end of 2022.

11. Workhouse senior citizen Joel Thompson has two more seasons with Manly and given he’s now 31 years old you’d assume the NRL. Thompson is lean, hard and fit as a trout. And a very good man to have around. Moses! Don't eat that chicken!

12. Shades of the mercurial about Curtis Sironen. The Son of Sirro has played 107 first grade games, is 26-years-old and has signed with Manly for two more years. You sense if he was going to be an Origin player he'd be an Origin player. But doesn't mean he's not still very good. Soft hands and hard charges on the edge. Lot to like.

13. Jake Trbojevic was Manly’s best-and-fairest in 2019 and has been gift-wrapped by the club until the end of 2026, which in rugby league terms is like signing Buddy Franklin til he's 42. Trbojevic is one of the best ball-playing forwards in the game, and the beating heart of the club. And if the footy gods are kind and injury doesn't befell he and/or his brother after State of Origin, then this Manly team can go deep into 2020. Absolute gun.

The Rest

Signed for 2020 only
Cade Cust

Brendan Elliot

Albert Hopoate

Luke Metcalf

Samuel Smith

Corey Waddell

Tony Williams

Signed to end of ‘21
Taniela Paseka

Toafofoa Sipley

Morgan Boyle

Lachlan Croker

Tevita Funa

Jack Gosiewski

Sean Keppie

Haumole Olakau'ata

Development contracts
Jade Anderson

Abbas Miski

Zac Saddler

Josh Schuster

Keith Titmuss

Ben Trbojevic

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Thanks @Chip and Chase for the detailed list and have updated my records accordingly. The only difference I have is that Edward Ipape isn't shown. He told me personally he recently signed a development contract with us.
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The articles mention Brayden Musgrove as a new player for Manly in 2020. Did I miss something, I thought he threw it in and scurried back to the Hunter after he found Dessie’s training sessions not to his liking.
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Top 30 squad for 2020 confirmed by MWSE

Sea Eagles Squad as per NRL Website

UPDATED 12th OCT 2020

Morgan Boyle20202021
Daly Cherry-Evans2020202120222023
Lachlan Croker20202021
Cade Cust202020212022
Andrew Davey20212022
Brendan Elliot2020Released
Manase Fainu2020202120222023
Addin Fonua-Blake2020Released
Kieran Foran2021
Tevita Funa20202021
Reuben Garrick20202021
Jack Gosiewski20202021
Morgan Harper202020212022
Albert Hopoate2020
Sean Keppie2020202120222023
Danny Levi2020Released
Luke Metcalf2020Released
Haumole Olakau'ata20202021CO
Brad Parker20202021
Taniela Paseka20202021202220232024
Joshua Schuster202020212022
Toafofoa Sipley20202021
Curtis Sironen20202021
Samuel SmithReleased
Moses Suli202020212022
Jorge Taufua20202021
Martin Taupau202020212022
Joel Thompson2020Released
Jake Trbojevic2020202120222023202420252026
Tom Trbojevic2020202120222023202420252026
Corey Waddell2020Released
Dylan Walker20202021
Tony Williams2020Released

Development Contracts

Jade Anderson20202021
Sione Fainu20202021
Abbas Miski2020
Zac Saddler20202021
Keith Titmuss20202021
Ben Trbojevic20202021
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Sean Keppie re-signs with Sea Eagles

Timestamp Fri 14 Aug 2020, 03:18 PM

Manly Warringah Sea Eagles have re-signed rising young prop Sean Keppie to a new three-year-deal.

The 22-year-old has played 12 NRL games this season and will now remain at Manly until at least the end of 2023.

Keppie: Re-signs with Sea Eagles

Keppie: Re-signs with Sea Eagles

Keppie has played 15 games for the Sea Eagles since making his NRL debut in round 25 against the Parramatta Eels last year.

“It is a great feeling to have re-signed for a further three seasons,’’ Keppie said.

“I am very fortunate to be in a position to be able to continue to learn from experienced international front-rowers in Martin Taupau and Addin Fonua-Blake.

“There are some exciting times ahead for the Sea Eagles and I can’t wait to be a part of it under an experienced Coach in Des Hasler.”
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Manase Fainu extended for 2 more years to end of 2023 season

Manly extend Fainu's contract despite player facing trial
Adrian Proszenko
By Adrian Proszenko
September 16, 2020 — 5.49pm

Manly have re-signed Manase Fainu for a further two years in a huge show of faith given the earliest return date for the troubled star is in July of next year.
The NRL suspended Fainu indefinitely under its "no fault" stand-down policy after he was hit with multiple charges after allegedly stabbing a man at a Mormon church dance last October. The Sea Eagles hooker is pleading not guilty and will stand trial in July.
Manase Fainu is fighting to clear his name.

Despite the seriousness of the allegations – and the fact he would have been sidelined regardless this season due to a serious shoulder injury – rival clubs have been circling for his signature. The Titans and Bulldogs are among the teams to have expressed an interest in acquiring his services once he becomes a free agent at the end of 2021.
However, Fainu wants to repay the Sea Eagles for standing by him and has agreed to a contract extension, even though it has cost him up to $300,000 a season.

"I’m very grateful for what they have done for me with the position I am in now," Fainu told the Herald. "Loyalty is big for me. If you’re loyal to me, I’ll be loyal back to you.
"Fingers crossed that [I am exonerated], I want to beat this charge.
"I don’t know when I get to play but hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. I just want to get out there with the boys."
Fainu thanked Manly CEO Stephen Humphreys and recruiter Scott Fulton for all the support they had provided while his career has been in the balance. However, the 22-year-old made particular mention of coach Des Hasler.
After being charged with wounding a person with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, affray and recklessly causing grievous bodily harm in company, Fainu spent two weeks behind bars. Hasler was constantly in contact throughout the ordeal and even visited the Tongan international.

"All the guards looked when Des came in and I got a bit more respect when I was inside," he said.
"I’m grateful to Des. Other clubs offered me more money. I just wanted to give back to Des for what he has done.
"He saw me when I was in prison and I want to play with my brothers one day."
Fainu has been earmarked as a future Blues player and siblings Sione, 19, Sam, 16 and Latu, 15, are also contracted to Manly.Humphreys was hopeful the quartet would fulfil their dream of one day playing in the NRL together."We have agreed a new contract for Manase for 2022-3," Humphreys said. "If he is cleared of that, he would be available towards the end of next year.

"We make no comment on the judicial process, that will take its course. We are very hopeful of having him back playing at the earliest opportunity.

"He is a wonderful talent, everyone in the game knows that. He has attracted quite a bit of interest and we’re really pleased to secure him for the long term.

"He also has a couple of other brothers in our system. They all dream about playing together in the Manly colours and hopefully one day that will be the case."
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Paseka extended for 3 more years till end 2024. Good use of AFB's money

Manly Warringah Sea Eagles have today agreed to a three year contract extension with giant young prop Taniela Paseka.
The 22-year-old’s new deal will see him at the Sea Eagles until at least the end of the 2024 season.
Paseka has emerged as a genuine front rower in his 17 games this season. He has now played 43 first grade matches after making his NRL debut in 2018.

Having joined the Sea Eagles in 2017, he was a member of the NYC premiership winning team alongside fellow Manly first grade players Manase Fainu, Cade Cust, Haumole Olakau'atu, and Tevita Funa.
Sea Eagles Coach Des Hasler welcomed the extended deal for Paseka.
“Taniela has really stepped up this season and we are delighted to have secured his services until the end of 2024 with this new deal,’’ Hasler said.
“For a young player in just his third season in the NRL, I know Taniela will only further improve and will play a major role in our forward pack in the years to come.”
Paseka said he was thrilled with his new contract extension.
“I’m really happy here at Manly. This year has been a real learning curve for me as a young prop in the NRL,’’ Paseka said.
“I know there is a real opportunity for me now to secure a regular starting position at prop and I feel my game is only going to get better with the more matches I play.
“It may have been a tough season for us this year but I know this club is heading in the right direction under Coach Des Hasler and I’m looking forward to playing an even greater part.”

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Those confirmed as not coming back in 2021

The Sea Eagles also acknowledged the services of several players departing the club including Joel Thompson, Addin Fonua-Blake, Corey Waddell, Danny Levi, Brendan Elliot, Tony Williams, and Luke Metcalf. The Club thanks them for their efforts on and off the field.

Manly also acknowledged the hard work of Assistant Coach John Cartwright who departs the club after joining the Sea Eagles in 2016.

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Kieran Foran, one of the favourite sons of the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles, is returning ‘home’ in 2021.
The Sea Eagles are pleased to announce the signing of Foran on a one-year-deal from next season.
The 30-year-old made his NRL debut for the Sea Eagles in 2009 and went on to play 147 games for the Club before leaving Manly at the end of the 2015 season. He has since played 213 NRL games.

Foran played five-eighth in the 2011 Sea Eagles premiership winning team where he formed a lethal halves combination with current Manly captain Daly Cherry-Evans.
Sea Eagles Coach Des Hasler is extremely happy to secure the services of Foran.
“Kieran has done it all in the game from winning premierships to playing Test football for New Zealand. He has played more than 200 NRL games so his experience is well documented,’’ Hasler said.
“His knowledge of the game will be invaluable to all players in our squad.”
Foran said he was looking forward to returning to the Northern Beaches to continue his career under Hasler.
“I am very excited about the opportunity to return to the Sea Eagles, a club that I hold close to my heart and have some great memories of,’’ Foran said.
“I’m looking forward to playing under Des once more as well as being part of a very talented playing squad at Manly. I can’t wait to pull on the maroon and white jersey again.”
Kieran Foran
DOB: July 13, 1990, Auckland, NZ
Junior Club: Ellerslie Eagles/Asquith
Position: Five-eighth
Height: 180cm
Weight: 90kg
Rep Honours: 22 Tests New Zealand (2009-15, 2017, 2019), Four Nations (2009, 2011, 2014), World Cup (2013)
Previous Clubs: Bulldogs (2018-20), Warriors (2017), Parramatta (2016), Manly (2009-15)
NRL Debut: Manly v Canberra, Brookvale Oval, 21/06/2009 (Rd 15)
NRL games: 213
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Sea Eagles sign forward Andrew Davey


Manly Warringah Sea Eagles are pleased to announce the signing of Parramatta forward Andrew Davey on a two-year deal.
The hard working back-rower has played 10 first grade matches after making his NRL debut for the Eels against the Sea Eagles at Lottoland in July this year. He played in both of Parramatta's finals matches.

Davey joined the Eels after one season with the Townsville Blackhawks and two seasons with the Mackay Cutters in the Queensland Cup.
Sea Eagles Recruitment and List Manager Noel Cleal said the Club was pleased to secure Davey’s services.
“Andrew will be a very handy acquisition and will add plenty of depth to our NRL squad,’’ Cleal said.
Andrew Davey Profile
Born: November 29, 1991, Maryborough, Qld
Junior Club: Emerald Cowboys
Position: Second-row
Height: 195cm
Weight: 106kg
NRL Debut: Parramatta Eels vs Manly Sea Eagles, Lottoland, July 18, 2020 (Rd 10)
“ Triggered Boomer”
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Added to the 30 ( must have been in the juniors ).


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Team P W L PD Pts
24 21 3 499 44
24 21 3 390 44
24 20 4 322 42
24 16 8 252 34
24 16 8 141 34
24 15 9 109 32
24 12 12 -143 26
24 10 14 -3 22
24 10 14 -36 22
24 10 14 -97 22
24 8 16 -142 18
24 8 16 -171 18
24 8 16 -214 18
24 7 17 -249 16
24 7 17 -288 16
24 3 21 -370 8
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