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Apparently Anthony Mundine is looking at making a comeback to League this year and is open to offers.

Do we want him???
I don't think we need him. His ego will mean that he will want/need to play 5/8, right?

We have a halves combo that we are settling on for the next 5+ years. Therefore we don't need him really.

Maybe Souths with Sutton out injured? Roosters with Firman failing, and Finch struggling? Dragons banking on Barrett being injured again sometime this year?
St G may not want him with Barrett at 5/8. Not sure that too many would fit him under the cap.

Souths would be the best bet for him though, as he is more their style!
On the footy show.......Roosters may get him with match payments.....won't count under salary cap?????
" Do we want him "
Definitely NO !! , He's another problem child. If we sign him , we may as well go after Julian O'Neill , Tricky Trindall , Jason Williams & Renai Matua as well. Souths will welcome him with open arms.
Looks like Sherlock may have been right. Be interested to see whether Manly throw their hat in the ring
He will be back to gloat.

WE dont want or need him. Or premier league wingers are doing fine.

On the radio they said wests and warriors were interested
he would have bulked up too much to play his former position. Where would you play him. Personally if I had to choose I would choose I to play him in the centres again.......for the Dragons
Yes i would say Sherlock will be bobbing up in the next day or 2 - can't see him coming to us though. Where would he play however we do have some cash spare from Hoppa's cancelled contract.

If you have a look at Rumour Mill section a few months back I had Mundine going to Saints with Willie Mason.
I watched Mundine last night and I think you are all far too harsh. Our game and our club needs a superman of his calibre. He is undoubtedly the greatest footballer to ever tie up boot laces and can achieve things that no other man can. With Hoppa gone the NRL needs the characters and "The Man" is THE greatest character we have ever seen in RL since its inception. Hoppa had his fingers but Mundine has a mouth so big it makes the Luna Park entrance pale into insignificance - this way we can get rid of the Media department. We don't need half-arsed and non-committed players of the likes of Wayne Pearce all the way to Darren Lockyer who have contributed absolutely nothing to the game. I would go as far as to say there has never been a better male who ever pulled on a pair of undies.

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