MSE, Is this a joke?

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"We would like to remind Manly Fans that this forum is not a complaints register..............."

Surely our club isn't so precious that they can't handle discussion/complaints regarding ticketing and general club issues etc.

Thank goodness for the Silvertails site!


Kim Jong Dan
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god who cares, they seem to want to drive their members away.

They are doing all their marketing for club memberships to online fans rather than the greater public, then they are shunning them and turning them away.

The Wheel
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Yeah it will be interesting to see what they do in the new year as far marketing the memberships - I believe the maroon & white is a great deal for the average punter who sits on the hill at Brookie.


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There is also the do not bag anyone policy - i cant read the fine print but it must say unless it is related to silvertails or whitestripeupporters then you can bag all you want.

There was yet another offensive post that has not even been deleted.


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when i quoted the post it wouldnt let me as silvertails or whitestripesupporters is offensive language/against forum rules - i can understand the theory but the poster who put it up there originally obviously had no problems.

it seems that its ok if you bad mouth silvertails or whitestripesupporters then its ok


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I'm over even worrying about being banned.
I'd rather focus on the positives:-

- We have this great site
- We don't have to walk on egg shells on this site
- There is healthy intelligent discussion at times here
- Those moderating MSE site aren't those on the field
- The Footy is getting much, much closer
- Matt Orford / Steven Bell in maroon and white is a salivating prospect
- Matt Orford will show Tim Smith how a REAL 1/2 back plays

Look guys - I get to read the breaking official site news before it is even released there by receiving a Manly Daily each morning.

You guys are more fun to debate things with (possibly to do with the age factor).

Let MSE build Silos - it's to their own detriment.


I wonder what they mean by "or further action as we see fit"?

That has a rather threatening tone to it. Does further action include being locked in a room for a week and being made to watch continuous replays of last years Cronulla and south's games and the previous Penrith game while being fed left overs from the Leagues club bistro.? Nooooooooooo.

Or maybe they mean e-mail your complaint to the club so they have to hit the delete button?

Safer to stay on the ST website me thinks.


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Yeah - I was going to be silly enough not to renew my membership because of those that moderate their site, but it's not them that really gets the effect of my money. It's me. The more financially sound my favourite team are, the more successful they will be, and that's all that really matters to me.

Besides - my membership money goes to the players - all of your goes to the MSE administrators....



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just proves that Arron is not a true Manly fan , a real Fan would go to the trouble of answering questions about his favorite club


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Hands are tied I guess.

It wouldn't be too difficult though for some concerns to receive a constructive response. It would certainly help with the lack of credibility the club is currently showing toward the net supporters atm.


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we all have to just make This forum and white strpes bigger and better, at least we ahve free speech here
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