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Journey Man
That is my new nickname for Jack Asamagasafafasa. Every single one of his play the balls was so ponderous the opposing defensive line had time for a cup of tea and scones before needing to pick up the next poor bloke to get the ball.

Chip and Chase

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You just can't let a week go by without a dig can you ;)

Anyway he isn't the worst in the NRL, that honour rests with George Carmont.


Reserve Grader
i agree he could get off the ground a little quicker but i thought his lines and yard were preety good for a player not quite comfortable in his surroundings. For it to take so long and last minute injury as well as an expected back rower to play centre, to find his way into first grade suggests Hasler doent find him the complete player yet either. To go hunting him as a last resort as after a commanding win by the team shows as a bloke looking to not only find fault but a nee to point out to others that you have spotted it. Congratulations to you sir. You have s tremendous eye for mediocrity. Perhaps it comes from too long in front of the mirror. Or maybe you have been studying me.


Winging it
I did notice that he wasn't embraced as warmly as some of the other players in the team bonding before the game. I won't name names but have a look at the tape.

I thought he went ok.


Reserve Grader
i am now convinced. you just need some one to have a whinge about and your whipping boy wasnt available. I just watched the 1130 replay on fox. Jack played the ball at least 10 times. The majority were VERY quick. there was 3 that could be considered slow. The first ther was an arm tucked between his body and the ball. He decided on a safe play the ball rather than a quick one. How often do you see a player push his luck and give up the ball in that situation. and one he got turned in the tackle so that he was facing hi own goal line. He didnt fight hard or smart enough to retain optimum body position. That also happens to the very best at getting elbows and knees occasionally. The third was simply a slow play the ball. I beleive he was well fatigued at the time. A 70% + effective rate on quick play the balls is pretty good and shows you need someone to bag after each match win, lose or draw.


Journey Man
i would hardly single him out

some of the stalwarts who have had plenty of time getting used to first grade looked just as bad if not worse


First Grader
For his first game he was great. He didn't give away one penalty or make one error and he run it up hard. I'm sure that would've been Dessies instructions.

Mata said "If you accept mediocrity, you get it." that's Ok unless the boffoon of the week is either Lyon or The Ox isn't it?


Journey Man
Mata said \"If you accept mediocrity, you get it.\" that's Ok unless the boffoon of the week is either Lyon or The Ox isn't it?

How many tries did Lyon set up and how many crucial tackles did he make champ?

And how many times did Orford get another set of 6 for us sweety?


Reserve Grader
That scratched record is playing again. Never happy unless bagging someone.

Give the guy a break as he has only played a couple of games in firsts and is still adjusting to the faster pace.

It took at least 3 tigers players to pull him down each time he had the ball which creates space for other players.

To me he offers more than bryant and he and cuthbo should be on our bench as they at least give us some impact.

He also has size and helps kite and another good go forward man.


Journey Man
If at full strength our bench should be Monaghan, Cuthbertson, Afamasaga and Bryant. (Assuming Ballin is 9).

Canteen Worker

First Grader
If at full strength our bench should be Monaghan, Cuthbertson, Afamasaga and Bryant. (Assuming Ballin is 9).
Which will not happen. Monaghan will be our 9 unless injured - and after last night even I will give him full credit and say he was best on paddock and vital to our 2007 campaign.


Reserve Grader
If at full strength our bench should be Monaghan, Cuthbertson, Afamasaga and Bryant. (Assuming Ballin is 9).

Good to see Mr Plod on the bench. He obviously isn't that bad after all.
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