Movie of my panorama by "nowlisten"

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Movie of my panorama by "nowlisten"

I took the liberty of puting it up here considering it is my original work.

Well done nowlisten. I wouldn't mind trying that myself. :clap: :clap:

I did notice you cropped out the info on the bottom left....tsk...tsk.

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Movie of my panorama by "nowlisten"

Cropping the watermark is pretty bad. Your going to have to put it back in the middle dude
Movie of my panorama by "nowlisten"

the movie doesnt work though
Movie of my panorama by "nowlisten"

You do know who you are speaking too dont you???

I used IE and Mozilla, I have mozilla so heavily modded that it can handle all java as long as its written correctly.

Looks like tripod didnt like the bandwidth on it. Java applets suck a lot out of your server
Movie of my panorama by "nowlisten"

It works ok the me. So it could come down to "user error" :lol: :lol: :lol: !dance: !drunk:
Movie of my panorama by "nowlisten"

umm if you saw it previously you would find it is cached. It could also be the firewall here. JavaApplets are badd mmmkay and we block the ports that are used for most applets. You have however just informed me that your company has a port available for hijacking :D
Movie of my panorama by "nowlisten"

So your the evil one that does that. !naughty: !naughty:
Movie of my panorama by "nowlisten"

So basically.....user error :lol:

umm no...

I am not in a little hokey environment here.

When I say proxy at work I am not talking about Zonelabs silly pants.

I am talking about Cisco routers, DMZ, and hardware firewalls. We have most of that controlled through the US and we essentially only have port 80, 21 and 443 open
Movie of my panorama by "nowlisten"

Plenty of good fishing in this pond :D

Does anyone else have a problem seeing it btw?
Movie of my panorama by "nowlisten"

You are so Huge
Movie of my panorama by "nowlisten"

no that would be you aren't so huge

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