[moved] The Fluffy Argument Thread

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I have set up a separate thread for the debate between Fluffy, Pepsi and whoever wants to argue the toss about whatever the debate might be today.

That way the rest of us can read the rest of the forum without fear of getting caught in some sort of bunfight etc

One can start by making some sort of statement, the other can disagree and then Fluff can find a stat or expert opinion that contradicts etc :wall: :wall: :wall:

:lol: :lol: :lol:
something about stats show if monaghs does his right boot up first, we will ....cant remember now. over it.
"One can start by making some sort of statement, the other can disagree and then Fluff can find a stat or expert opinion that contradicts"

How dare I back something up with examples.

Now im starting to understand why [deleted] goes so poorly compared to all the other schools
Snap.. Umm, it's that really challenging game where if your card matches the person your playing against, the first person to say snap wins the cards (or something along those lines.) So yeh, we both like sushi, therefore snap is an appropriate expression. I was really just trying to fit in with the tone of this thread.

Dont you hate when you get salmon sushi and they have sliced the salmon too think and you spend 5 minutes chewing on it? that makes me want to spew

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