[moved] Don't Judge Hoppa on past mistakes.

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[moved] Don't Judge Hoppa on past mistakes.

Sure John Hopoate has made mistakes in the past, who hasn't? But in all seriousness, if any other player had done the same thing they would have been put on report, given a couple of weeks and that would be the end of it. Because it is Hoppa, and i"ll quote Canteen Worker, "the media's favourite punching bag" the whole incident will be blown out of any rational point of view and Hoppa will be given a ridiculous sentance. You might see every "expert" in the country calling for his head, and this is just what the media has been waiting for, "rugby leage's bad boy finally does it", with out looking at it rationally, the media will get the hype going to try to end his career. Perfect example, Manly V Warriors, yes Hoppa called the ballboy a little ****, but if you were calling for the ball and the touch judge was telling the ballboy to throw the ball in and he didn't, he just placed the ball on line sideline what would you think? what would you say? and finally what does the media do, blows a minor situation out of control, come on, how's about you get an objective point of view and get off the "Hoppa hater's" band wagon!
[moved] Don't Judge Hoppa on past mistakes.

Id say get the Dell.

You obviously need the support
[moved] Don't Judge Hoppa on past mistakes.

lol yeah good forum placement.

I will move it to the footy forum
[moved] Don't Judge Hoppa on past mistakes.

go manly. He has been given chance after chance. He has a contract based on good behaviour. Is this the publicity we want for the club as we attempt to rise to the top. If you think this is the kind of publicity the club needs then I question your sanity and support for the club. He will be gone and thats it.

Galloway is in HOSPITAL, they are still assessing his injuries. It was a vicious and deliberate hit, maybe not the elbow but the rest. Hoppa was looking to hurt Galloway and he did it.

Its not just past mistakes, his contract is based on it......

Media punching bag or not, I dont see how anyone can defend him, look at the still, and the photos He cocks his elbow before he even leaves the ground
[moved] Don't Judge Hoppa on past mistakes.

Now my post looks stupid.

thanks Zap.

Fine - dont judge him on his past.

That hit was almost as bad as danny williams last year who got 13 weeks.

Hoppa should get 10

Thats his contract.
[moved] Don't Judge Hoppa on past mistakes.

Gomanly makes some good points about Hoppa not being judged fairly in some situations. The Ballboy incident is a good example of this. However it is only because of this stupid behaviour in the past that has brought this to pass! He has now been suspended 7 times for a total of 28 weeks. and so his record - which is used by the judiciary - is brought into play.

Hoppa knows he is a marked man and he needed to act accordingly! People with his repuation have to be squeaky clean all the time.

I hope he gets a fair hearing and that the hysteria from the media (and many fans I must say) is ignored.

My view of the tackle though is not good. He jumped into the air to hit the head of someone much taller than him. His elbow definitely hit first and it looked deliberate, though only Hoppa can probably answer that. If it was a tackle to Monaghan or Menzies from a Shark we would all be baying for blood and that is the way the League World looks at it.

It gives me no pleasure in saying that Hoppa is probably gone - but I think he has run out of chances.
[moved] Don't Judge Hoppa on past mistakes.

Hoppa is a media punching bag because Hoppa is his own worst enemy.
[moved] Don't Judge Hoppa on past mistakes.

gomanly, you get the award for the most "one eyed" supporter pun intended. We have all defended Hoppa on countless occiasions and i was the first to say that the ballboy incedent was a storm in a tea cup, BUT as Hoppa should know, i presume he can read, HE IS the media punching bag, if he didnt im sure someone would have told him, so running 20 meters out of the line, leaping into the air and leading with the forearm into an opposition players jaw isnt the way to keep out of trouble, mate the Pope would have been sent of for that one! The difference is now, that a cleanskin may have only got 6 weeks for a first offence or something, but unfortunately hoppa has his own private car park at the judiciary, so no doubt his suspension will be at least twice that much. !BDH! !BDH! !BDH!

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