Most pundits are Waiting for Manly to fall apart

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It would seem that the majority of pundits and commentators, whilst acknowledging that we are surprise packets, are waiting for Manly to fall apart and drop down the table.

Despite being second and having beaten some of the best teams we are still not being rated as serious premiership candidates. This seems to be baed on the simple game plans, lack of class outside backs and mixed form away from home. The Suncorp game against the Broncos did not convince too many people.

I am in two minds at this:

1. In my dreams I did not hope that we would be second at Round 13 and specials to make the semis - we have overachieved so to expect to win is probably asking too much. Be happy with where we are and enjoy the season - we will be real threats next year with additions to the side in the right positions.

2. Many of these doubters are the same ones who picked us for the spoon. Whlst we have some shortcomings we have answered nearly every test and with some luck, some improvement and a return of players from injury and suspension there is no reason why we cannot answer the challenges that lie ahead.
its funny, on 2sm last night they had manly rated about 7th from memory to win the comp. personally id place us behind
Broncos / Cowboys / Dragons, ironically two of those teams have touched us up and one we have not played.

While we may have the abilty to hold those guys in the forwards, but given a hypothetical "50 50" possesion split, there halves and centres are just a bit to classy in a big match. But id like to think, that maybe after a home final we can make a semi.
Ive recently noticed manly as being called contenders by non manly fans for the first time, whilst not everyone will consider us contenders until we are in the GF, even some will not then more and more by the week are starting to believe that we have a chance.

Pepsi i would have the broncos in first followed by the cows, then us, drags and parra all equal on the 3rd tier.

as for the 2 teams that have touched us up - well they were away games for us, if we even the score and beat all 3 at home you can read too much into it as no teams will be at home after week 1 of the finals

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