Mortimer to play for Manly

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thanks to Sue from the Manly Gang for this Info

Flegg spot gives Tim a chance to chase his dream
Thursday, 13 October 2005


HAVING grown up in a footballing family, Tim Mortimer has always set the goal of one day playing at the top level.

The 18-year-old will take a big step towards that goal when he plays Jersey Flegg with the Manly Sea Eagles next season.

Mortimer and Orange Hawks team-mate Josh Nixon impressed the Sea Eagles at an open trial last month and will link with the NRL club in 2006.

For Mortimer it is the first step towards replicating his father Peter, who won premierships with his brothers Chris and Steve at the Canterbury Bulldogs in the 1980s.

"That was always the dream," Mortimer says about the prospect of playing in Sydney.

"Ever since I was a little kid it's all I wanted to do – play football."

Mortimer was one of Hawks' best at fullback in Group 10 this season after joining the club from Orange CYMS, but it was at centre that Mortimer impressed Manly.

After training with St George at the start of this year, Mortimer returned to Orange to play Group 10 premier league with Hawks.

"I think it helped a lot (playing a season in Group 10)," he said. "I got the chance to play against bigger guys and more experienced players."

The next goal for Mortimer is securing a place in the Manly run-on side in Jersey Flegg (under 20s) in 2006 and hopefully further.

"I know it's going to be a bit of hard work," he said. "But hopefully I can work my way into first grade in the next few years."

Mortimer and Nixon will go to Manly on November 7 for an information day, where they are expected to sign their contracts.



Lets hope he doesn't fall into the famous father/son syndrome like the fulton brothers and the Mccarthy boys.

Sounds like he has a bit of talent though and hopefully will turn out as good if not better than his father. Also good to see that he didn't go the bulldog scum.

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Sidey did point out on the MSE forum that the Gartner boys (both Danny and Frog Eyes) were sons of Dogs players.

Go the Budgie (Little Parrot!!!!)


Don't know if this is good or not. Has he not been given the same treatment as others with famous names and been overlooked? Or is he just not that good that even the name couldn't get him a start?


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Interesting he's not playing for the bullwogs. Looks like bridges have been burnt with the Mortimers that wont get re-built., can't really blame them.


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Im mates with Tim and good mates with his older brother james (21 & group ten halfback)

i played with them both in school when i was a senior with Tim playing centre and more than holding his own as a year 10 student

i'm filthy that tim went and played for hawks when he should have played for Cyms but in all fairness both boys carved up

all in all i think Tim will more than hold his own at fullback centre or wing, but im not sure if he'll go all the way

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It will up to whether he has the right attitude and approach. You need heaps of ability, a lucky break or two, plenty of ticker but be also prepared to do the hard work.

Hope he makes it with us!


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After getting back from Uni and reading this news i decide to flick thru the local paper and see if it had a story. And there you have it, its in today's paper

Looks like James and another good mate of mine Toddy Barrow are coming down too


Hawks land at Manly

Injury hampered his first stint in Sydney now western division centre Todd Barrow is grateful for another shot.
Barrow becomes the fifth Orange Hawks player to link with the NRL club the Manly Sea Eagles for next season The 20 year old played two seasons of jersey flegg with the Balmain tigers in 03-04 before an ankle injury ruled him out for 13 weeks.
Barrow struggled to retain his place in the tigers side after the injury and returned to Orange thinking his dream of playing in the NRL was over. Now the Cyms junior wants to make the most of his second chance.
“I didn’t think I’d get another chance” Barrow said. “(Manly) have really done me a favour so I have to make the most of it”.
Barrow and Hawks team-mate James Mortimer will train with Manlys top squad during the pre-season, but hope to secure a place in premier league.
Barrow played for the tigers as a centre but has been signed by the Sea Eagles as a back-rower.
After returning to Orange midway through last year, Barrow represented Group 10 and Western Division this season.
The Goalkicking Ace was also the leading pointscorer in group 10 with 192 points which included 16 tries.
Barrow and halfback Mortimer played in a jersey flegg trial for the Sea Eagles earlier this year where they impressed recruitment manger Noel Cleal.
The Group 10 Duo will join James Brother Tim Mortimer and Josh Nixon who will play jersey flegg and Brooke Nickson who will play SG Ball at the Eagles

essentially Toddy is probably the best player followed by Tim then James, but all three are behind two of my other mates, one who player with Todd at the Tiges where he played with Farah, Halatu, Harrison etc and one who played rugby with Manly first grade

what these three do have over the two boys i mentioned is the drive to get there, essentially they love there footy, and will do everything in there power to make a go of it.


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Central Western Daily

dont know who the Author was............i threw the paper out yesterday


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the Central Western Daily
Friday, 21 October 20005

So Manly are fast becoming the Family club,
Team P W L PD Pts
12 9 3 83 22
14 10 4 78 22
13 9 4 110 20
13 8 5 66 20
13 7 6 81 18
12 7 5 -37 18
13 7 6 133 16
13 7 6 47 16
13 7 6 -34 16
13 6 6 27 15
13 6 6 26 15
14 7 7 -26 14
13 6 7 -47 14
13 4 9 -111 10
12 3 9 -123 10
12 3 9 -136 10
12 2 10 -137 8
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