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Is it ever going to end. :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah:

Melbourne chief executive Brian Waldron says Manly halfback Michael Monaghan's presence at yesterday's game between the Storm and Sydney Roosters should not be interpreted as a sign Melbourne are interested in signing Monaghan as a replacement for Matt Orford.

Storm halfback Orford confirmed on Thursday that he would leave the club at the end of the season to join the Sea Eagles on a four-year deal, meaning Monaghan will have to move from his favourite position to either five-eighth or hooker to accommodate him.

Waldron said Monaghan was at Olympic Park to watch his brother, Joel, play for the Roosters and to catch up with other family members.

"Nothing should be read into Michael being here today as far as the Storm is concerned," Waldron said. "His manager, Jim Banaghan, asked me if I could provide some tickets for Michael and some other family members and that was no problem.

"We're settled as far as halfback options are concerned for next year, with Cooper Cronk and the young bloke we've bought from the Roosters, James Aubusson."

Monaghan and Banaghan yesterday confirmed the reasons behind Monaghan being at the game, on a weekend when Manly had the bye.

"Some people will believe what they want to believe," Monaghan said. "But I'm here to watch Joel play and catch up with family. My sister, Monique, lives in Melbourne and it's her birthday and our parents have come down for that and to watch Joel play, so it was a great opportunity for all of us to get together."

Banaghan said he had asked Waldron for tickets for the Monaghans. "I've had a bit to do with Brian," Banaghan said. "I've got Cameron Smith at the club and Michael Crocker is going there next year. He fixed up Michael [Monaghan] and his family with some tickets in a corporate box, which was very good of him."

Meanwhile, Parramatta general manager Greg Mitchell last night responded to speculation Jamie Lyon could be released from his deal with English club St Helens in time to play for Manly next year by saying the club had heard nothing from Lyon, his manager George Mimis or St Helens chairman Eamonn McManus.

The Eels retain ultimate control over where Lyon is allowed to play until the time his original deal with the club runs out at the end of 2006.

Lyon walked out on Parramatta at the start of last season and was allowed to take up a two-year deal with St Helens this year only after getting permission from the Eels.

A report yesterday suggested Lyon could seek a release from St Helens and be at Manly in 2006, but Mitchell said: "Parramatta holds Jamie's main contract. It is a supplementary agreement that allows him to play for St Helens, and for him to play for an NRL club next year he would have to get permission from us. We've been transparent in our reasoning for not releasing him to Manly in the short term. Part of Jamie's reasoning for wanting to leave the club was to move out of the direct area of Sydney and we have allowed Penrith and Wests Tigers to approach him because they offer an opportunity … to live out on the fringe. Manly is in Sydney.

"George Mimis contacted us a while ago to say he was now managing Jamie and we asked for confirmation of that in writing from Jamie, which we received. But, apart from that, we have heard nothing from Jamie or his manager.

"Eamonn McManus was recently in Sydney and was a guest of Parramatta at our game against St George Illawarra and he told me everything was fine with Jamie and that any speculation to the contrary had no basis in truth."


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how dare he watch his brother play and visit his sister for her birthday. What a evil evil person


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Looks like Lyon still wants to play for Manly. How mach would he be worth?

It was reported he wanted 300K a year when the last debarcle was going on.

No way we could fit him under the cap without releasing other players, and extremely decreasing our already poor depth.

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I am not convinced we have huge cap problems. Harris and Randall were on very big contracts reportedly and their going allows us some room, especially with the front loading of the BKs this year. If the Roosters, Dogs and Dragons can carry the rosters they have with the depth they have, I am sure we can do better too!


Yeah agreed. We have some pretty average players doing the rounds which wouldn't be on too much at all. If they are, then that's obviously piss poor management, but I highly doubt it. Plenty of room left, especially when you compare our side to Brisbane, Roosters, Doggies, Cowboys, Dragons etc.
it is just another way for the diehards to lament the demise of their hero.why cant people give our management some credit.they arent idiots.


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The Kids " We are gonna hold our breath till Michael gets his lollies"

Uncle Macca " GIVE Michael his Lollies NOW !!
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Uucle Macca "NOW !!"
"ok then, but we are Just about out of Lollies "
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Stay tuned next week ........ For When Cousin Matty Comes to play


[quote author=byso]
Looks like Lyon still wants to play for Manly. How mach would he be worth?

It was reported he wanted 300K a year when the last debarcle was going on.

No way we could fit him under the cap without releasing other players, and extremely decreasing our already poor depth.

sums it up, he wanted 300K and Monaghs gets 240, Lyon arguably one of the best centres in the world, certainly in top three, Monaghs gets 240 and hes not even in top 10 of the NRL halves. Sorry do dish this up again but jeez we got rorted.


we may have a few good players on big money.. but think about it.. we always mention how we lack depth.... lack depth = more salary cap room..

unlike the roosters we dont have quality players all over the squad... we have a good 13 and thats it.

We should have room for Lyon..

Imagine the outroar if we ever signed him for next season lol

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