More Lyon Rumours

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On 2Gb this afternoon more rumours were shared concerning Jamie Lyon and Manly - Tony Megahy reckons it is a done deal and he will be a Sea Eagle.

Would go very well in the centres for us, and could even play 5/8.

No wonder Randall and co are being let go?

I heard rumours a big signing a while ago and it was not Orford being talked about.

Do we need to start the Wimmaway song again???????

In the Jungle ...... !pray: !pray: !pray:
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Wouldn't you just love it. However it is fastly becoming... :bdh: .

I wish that it would just happen or someone would come out and completely deny it. Happened all of last year as well.

But in any case..... !pray: !pray: !pray: !pray:
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If Lyon signs, I'm putting a large sum of money for us to win the comp. At last, a backline that will outrate our forward pack.

Would we move Alberts to the wing? He's too good to leave out of the side.
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I doubt it...........but god it would be great


What a backline
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Some people like the thought of throwing sand in the cogs of what might otherwise be a smooth-flowing backline!
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Fuk I hope this right. Lyon has been playing 5/8 for St Helens I think.
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I heard rumours a big signing a while ago and it was not Orford being talked about.

Maybe this is what Sherlock was going on about it in his last thread :~? I now wish Matabele didn't put that ban on him becasue his virtually hasn't been seen since.
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Lyon has been playing 5/8 for the Saints and is apparently carving up every week.

How he would go int he NRL in that position is another matter but it has to be a better than the messiah has been of late.

IMO, witt will be good for the 5/8 in 06' because he'll have one of the best halves in the comp showing him the ropes and taking the pressure off him. How many times can our 5/8 run backwards to pick up a messiah pass and keep taking the blame.

Lyon would be a great coup for our side, my fingers have been crossed for a while now.
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My only issue with this rumour is that Magoo doesn't get too many right.

And I still can't see Fitzy let him go.


I thought Dennis Fitzgerald was such a nice bloke with the best interests of the game at heart....(like allowing Lyon to come back and play in Australia).
While it is his right to do what he is doing it doesn't make him any less a fcukwit!


If we get Lyon we will be well placed in 2006, methinks Monas will be gone if we get him.

But who will take Monnas? Parhaps we could do a swap with St helens? Lyon for Monnas. Sounds like a fair swap to me.

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