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Discussion in 'General Discussion Forum' started by Matabele, Aug 19, 2007.

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    Parliamentary report devastates 'Global Warming' scam

    The Australian Federal Parliament's Standing Committee on Science and
    Innovation recently completed a report entitled Between a Rock and a Hard
    Place, on the subject of "Geosequestration of Carbon Dioxide". However,
    four members of that committee have issued a "Dissenting Report" which
    devastates the Committee's major premise—that mankind causes global

    The dissenting MPs are former CSIRO scientist Dr. Dennis Jensen, Hon Jackie
    Kelly, Hon Danna Vale and Mr. David Tollner. Their report was compiled with
    the assistance of a number of leading scientists, including climate
    scientist Dr. John Christy, former lead author of the IPCC. It is a must
    read for anyone concerned with the subject.

    They state at the very outset that, "We disagree with the report's
    unequivocal support for the hypothesis that global warming is caused by
    man—so-called anthropogenic global warming (AGW). We are concerned that the
    Committee's report strays well outside its terms of reference. In fact, the
    committee did not take any evidence relating to anthropogenic global

    Some of the chief points of their refutation include:

    * Global warming is observed on other planets or moons, including Mars,
    Jupiter, Triton, Pluto, Neptune and others. Did man cause this?

    * That the so-called "overwhelming consensus" embodied in the IPCC report
    has nothing to do with science, nor does such a consensus even exist. It is
    in fact drawn from its "Summary for Policymakers" which was written by
    politicians, not by scientists, and its supposed "90% certainty" is backed
    up by nothing in the report, but is merely a "consensus opinion arrived at
    by IPCC bureaucrats"; and, in any case, so-called "democratic consensus" is
    entirely opposed to scientific method. "Consensus", for instance, once held
    that the earth was at the centre of the universe, and that it was flat.

    * That the "Stern Review" upon which the Committee based its majority
    report, was drafted by a man who "acknowledges that he had zero
    understanding of the issue less than one year before the Stern Review … It
    is staggering that someone with essentially no scientific knowledge on
    greenhouse effect, within less than one year, had acquired the scientific
    knowledge to state that the 'scientific evidence is now overwhelming'."

    * "Indeed, if one paragraph clearly illustrates the one sided nature of
    this report," the dissenters say, "it is paragraph 5.59. Here, we have a
    captain of industry (Rupert Murdoch), who, by his own admission is not a
    scientist, quoted regarding his view on anthropogenic global warming and
    the need to take action", citing Murdoch's claims that "climate change
    poses clear catastrophic threats."

    There is much more, on glaciers, rising sea levels, Australia's rainfall
    patterns, etc., and the report is extensively footnoted. It may be accessed


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