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Money issues will distract Manly Eagles players after public spat

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Feb 15, 2009.

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    Money issues will distract Manly Eagles players after public spat

        By David Riccio
        February 15, 2009


    AFTER fighting to get $83,000 in owed payments following the collapse of the Northern Eagles, former Test forward Adam Muir knows exactly what the Manly players would be thinking.

    "They would be asking questions. Talking amongst themselves, probably held a private meeting, trying to find out as much as possible," Muir said.

    "It's an added distraction."

    Manly chairman Scott Penn has repeatedly waved off suggestions players will miss out on payments following the latest boardroom battle, but Muir maintained there would be concerns at the club.

    "I'm sure everything will be all right with Manly, it's a lot different to the Northern Eagles, but as soon as the players found this out they would've been talking," Muir said.

    "The players have got enough on their plate without that sitting at the back of their head.

    "Sometimes you sign a contract for three or four years and you think that money is guaranteed, but it's not. That's what I went through. Nobody likes to hear it, no matter where you work, that financially things could change at the club."

    Muir was one of 12 former Northern Eagles players, including Brett Kimmorley, Phil Bailey, Mark O'Meley and Josh Stuart, who waited several years before receiving a collective $280,000 in owed payments.

    A pledge from Manly supremo Ken Arthurson when the NRL transferred the licence back to the club from the Northern Eagles is the main reason they were paid.

    "From the way they're (Manly) travelling, I would think they're (players) safe this time," Arthurson said.

    "It's not the best time in the world to be concerning yourself with other things other than playing football. The worst thing is they're just preparing to go over to the World Club Challenge."

    Confidently predicting the premiers would go back-to-back in 2009, Muir claimed it was imperative Manly fans reacted positively.

    "You can't see them falling over, but in this day and age, with the current economy, decisions aren't as rational as before," Muir said.

    "They're (Manly) a lot like Newcastle, they rely on their crowds heavily and people can be fickle when you aren't playing well. That can sometimes prove the difference between finishing in front (financially) or behind for the year."

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