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Eagles to sign Monaghan


June 6, 2005

THE Michael Monaghan drama will this morning take an unexpected and dramatic twist with Manly poised to offer the spurned halfback a three year contract during a secret meeting.

The Daily Telegraph has been told a high-powered meeting will occur at 9.30am between Monaghan, his manager Jim Banaghan, Manly coach Des Hasler and Sea Eagles executive chairman Paul Cummings.

Sources close to Monaghan last night revealed a press conference has tentatively been booked for this afternoon where it is expected the Manly captain will sign a new deal estimated to be worth about $240,000 a season.

The anticipated deal represents an amazing turn-around after the club and player were locked in harsh disagreement over the weekend.

On Saturday, Manly released a statement claiming Monaghan would not be offered a new deal.

The player retaliated yesterday by declaring Manly had been "gutless" through the on-going contact ordeal.

Hasler and Cummings met yesterday to discuss the situation.

"We were bitterly disappointed about what has been said," Cummings said. "The situation has become out-of-control. I don't want to say any more."

In NRL action yesterday, Parramatta won the western Sydney derby with a 32-22 victory over Penrith at Penrith Football Stadium. Brisbane beat an Andrew Johns-led Newcastle 34-16 while Melbourne came from an 8-0 half-time deficit to beat the Wests Tigers 30-14 at Leichhardt Oval.
can any one give me an estimate on what Chads contract would be worth? If Chad is let go than Monas $240K at hooker is not that expensive if you deduct the money we were paying useless Chad and put the extra money into MM contract.
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Can we assume that Orford is going to re-sign with the storm.??

I believe our halves are adequate . I'd like to see Matt King come to Manly . He was awesome against the Tigers.
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They said the same thing on Channel 9 this morning. After a weekend of a zillion Monas posts on all the Eagles sites this pops up. "Betrayed", "Gutless" and whammo - love is in the air. What the?
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Crazy stuff....I'm happy for now. I'll be happier this afternoon when he signs. This signing has got unbelievable publicity (bad).

I bet the rest of the player cant wait to go into negotiation talks with these people!
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randall must be sh!tting bricks - same manager and same management and hasnt performed half as good as monas
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Of course the press conference might be just to announce that the club has launched defamation proceedings against Banaghan and Monaghan.

Kidding ..........
its a weird one ay!

one would presume every club is skirting around the anti tamp. rulings one way or another, however Banagahan has certainly put the spotlight on Manly taking the pressure of the other clubs!

now does this mean , the "potential signing" of Orford is now out the window ?

or does this mean, there will be a wholesale sweeping out in the hooker department!

one way or another, as i continue to say, we have to show some faith in our management, you would think they had killed Lady Di the way some folk have carried on.

This time last year, last place remember gang! if theye didnt recruit who they recruited we would still be there .
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Can we assume that Orford is going to re-sign with the storm.??

I believe our halves are adequate . I'd like to see Matt King come to Manly . He was awesome against the Tigers.

unfortunately chuck king and orford want tosign somewhere as a team,miss one miss them both apparently
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I think he was going to be offerred this contract on saturday morning but when the press and TV camera turned as the bacon and eggs were put on the table Cummings pulled back the offer.
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I wonder what Max Delmege's role in all of this is. I'm certain he didn't want anything with his name and reputation attached to this saga. Particularly since Manly was so obviously in the wrong.
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