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Monday Funny

Discussion in 'General Discussion Forum' started by Utility Player, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. Utility Player

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    A man and his wife are playing golf when the wife slices the ball and it goes through the window of a old house next to the course.

    The couple sheepishly go to the house to offer to pay for the damage. When they knock on the front door the door swings open and a deep voice booms out "come in"

    They walk into the livingroom to find a man in a suit sitting on the lounge and a broken antique bottle lying on the floor amoung the glass from the broken window.

    The guy in the suit asks "was it you who broke the bottle" and when the couple stammer that yes they did he replies "I am a genie who has been imprisoned in that bottle for 100 years, I will grant you 3 wishes, one for each of you but would ask that I
    am allowed the last wish"

    The couple agree and the husband asks for 1 million dollars a year for the rest of his life. The genie nods and says it is done and as a bonus I will ensure you live a long and healthy life.

    The wife now asks for a beautifull mansion in every country in the world, the genie nods and adds that each mansion will be protected from fire and theft.

    Now for my wish the genie says, As I said I have been imprisoned for 100 years in that bottle and looking at the attractive wife I wish to sleep with you.

    Both the husband and wife are shocked but can not refuse the genie because of the wealth he has just given them.

    So the wife goes upstairs with he genie where he makes a pig of himself for the next 3 hours

    When they are lying exhausted on the bed the genie says "may I ask how old you are" the wife pants "both my husband and I are 30 years old " to which the genie replies "don't you think your a bit old to believe in genies"
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    Nice one.

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