Monas to Warrington

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For $2 million

He has done well no doubt and it seems helped the club out by freeing up the cap space for next year.

win win


Hopefully, now that he has "orford-like" cash he doesn't perform "orford-like" :lol:


Good on him.. he served the club well. Can now go on my list of people I think are soft for pissing off to England.


its annoying now that hes finally proving himself to be a top class player he wants to leave!

Bloody defended him through the hard times.. just when i get a chance to not be slagged he goes.. lol

ah well.. Good luck Monas.. glad you proved yourself before you left. Help win a grand final for us before you go.

Canteen Worker

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Football Forums must be dreading his departure. More has been written about Monas than any other player over the years. :lol: :lol: :lol:


I am sure that there will be some who track the warrington website and comment on his performances over in the UK.

Anyway we still have Willo whilever he has his photos of Des.


See he cannot escape us!

His DOB is 13/5/2007 so he is a little bit older than 26?

Warrington have beaten Super League rivals Hull to the signature of Australian half-back Michael Monaghan. The Wolves have signed the 26-year-old on a four-year contract from Manly Sea Eagles which starts in 2008. Monaghan has made 109 appearances in the NRL, initially with Canberra, before joining Manly in 2003. "Michael's ability, ambition, mental toughness and maturity are assets which will be of great service to our club," said Warrington coach Paul Cullen. Hull made their move for Monaghan after controversially losing Paul Cooke to rivals Hull KR. But the player opted for the Halliwell Jones Stadium after speaking to Warrington's former Sydney Roosters forward Adrian Morley and former Australia captain Andrew Johns, who had a brief spell with the Wolves two years ago. "When I made the decision to come overseas to carry on my footie, I spoke with Adrian Morley and Andrew Johns and I liked the sound of the set-up at Warrington," he said. "It is a club with a positive future and I wanted to be part of that." Monaghan, who is expected to replace fellow Australian Michael Sullivan on the overseas quota, will join loose-forward Louis Anderson, the younger brother of current Wolves star Vinnie, at the club next season.


Journey Man
:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

There's the door you rotten, Judas fleabag! At least you will go down in history as my most despised Manly player of all time.

Good riddance to bad off field rubbish, and an off field contributor lauded far beyong his capabilities.


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I cant believe you give Monas such a hard time, he deserve some of it but not as much you dish out.

I remember you not getting your way on here and making a big deal about it last year. Sure it was not played out in the media like the Monas saga but it showed you have some similar traits to Monas and should not be as harsh on him when you clearly dont practice what you preach.


UFO Hunter
I wonder if the club extracted any of warrington's money in turn for a release a year early.

Warrington do have a lot of it.


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[quote author=Garts]
you have some similar traits to Monas and should not be as harsh on him
Surely you're not suggesting Monas is fat and useless? ;)

:lol: ill pay that


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Its not like its a tragic loss to the club,we already have a ready-made replacement in young Ballin;imagine how good he will be in a few years.


[quote author=tookey]

His DOB is 13/5/2007 so he is a little bit older than 26?

Yeah mate, he is around 72 hours old

That explains why he keeps going round in circles. :D

It should be 13/5/1980

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