Monas to be offloaded to England?


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In the "survivor cops a fine" article in our News section.

Dean Ritchie made an interesting comment.

"Rumours persist Manly are trying to offload the halfback to an English club."

So it looks like no NRL club will take him on!


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What Australian club WOULD take him on at $240k. The last I noticed dollars don't grow on trees.

Pounds are obviously a different story.


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If Scott Donald can earn in excess of converted $200kaud, anyone should be able to earn a lot.

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The salary cap covers the NRL listed players (25 of them). The seconday salary cap covers the remaining players in PL, Flegg and supposedly contracted and also anyone else playing for outside clubs. Obviously this is why the Broncos are keen to have Toowoomba, Redcliffe and Wynnum on deck as they can call on their players (eventually) but not have them officially on the books.

Manly had a few players on the paddock for Belrose in 2005 but all our other contracted players were running aorund in maroon and white.

Story is that next year we will spend to the limit of the secondary salary cap. (I am not aware of the club ever revealing to the fans who the top 25 players are, though the NRL would know.) Of course they can call on players outside that lot but then the payments come under the salary cap. (Darren Smith played for Brisbane despite being contracted to Easts up there!!!)


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Yeah - so do you know how much that secondary cap is. 1st grade is 3.3 million, with a $200,000 increase to teams that pick up extra sponsors. Manly have done this, so that's 3.5 million, then we get a concession with Beaver who gets 10% subsidy from the NRL. Therefore, in dollar terms, we are looking at 3.501 million for 1st grade.

What is the Premier League Cap amount?

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Not sure though obviously someone around might do. (It is good having someone with a mind for figures on the site - No Daniel, not those sort of figures!!!!!! :lol:)


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In other words Garts, play Premier League, you need a secondary job. Interesting. It also shows me that we can't include Monaghan in PL cap, to fit other players in 1st grade regardless.


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only out by $150k :blush:

sure do need another job Ryan. Wes Naquima from the Dragons was a barman at the leagues club as was travis burns for us. The Dragons probably had the leagues club paying him $100 a hr though :D


A swap of Monnas for Lyon at St helens seems very fair to me.

We might need to take another one of their players as well just to balance the ledger up a bit more.

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