Monas the origin certainty

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I see Monaghan is being spruiked as the Blues halfback elsewhere.

Must be a lot of injuries about to happen.

Maybe Alfy could go head to head with him?
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one or 2 professionals have said he is a chance = certainty. I think he has a chance of city/country but it all depends if they are looking at blooding or trying to debate the position.

Only 5 or 6 injuries required for him to slip into his rightful spot.
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actually - north of the tweed i would say he had a chance. They are weak in the number 7 with Seymour given top rating by many - monas has more form and experience than him at least.

Mind you the bennet factor has to be taken into account there
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PRince, Fien and Seymour would have to fall over and then they may still go with Sheppard or Thurston.

Seymour is going to be a gun.
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Seymour is less experienced and has not been playing as good for as long as monas. Take out the bennet and lockyer factor - monnas is ahead at the moment. Prince is going ok and fein is playing hooker. Not really the competition for that position that the blues face.
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Seymour has effectively only played one season less of first grade, is younger and already has a combination with the Qld 5/8th.

Prince is the incumbent.

Fien carved sides at halfback in last year's finals and that will not be forgotten. He's only playing hooker because he's in the same side as Jones.
on form Monas would be the half for NSW. but we all know thats not how it works...

If were undefeated at the time of Origin selection he may be thought of.. Johns wont be picked.. surely hes not upto scratch. Kimmorley? Not that impressed. Orford? He was **** last week. Gower? yeah great *rolls eyes*

Bring it on. Go Monas!


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Seymour is a superstar in the making. if he was off contract he could name his own price. hed be chased harder than Orford will be
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Just have to add....if Joel Monnas is a rep centre, then the whole process is a JOKE!!
Agreed. If he does, we all know why.
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