Monas regret

It appears Management is now regretting they re-signed Michael Monaghan. At 240k a season (I think?) it is obvious that he is heavily eating into our salary cap. He is definitely an average hooker at best - he doesn't run from dummy-half, and his passing is weak. He does a lot of tackling (but what Hooker doesn't these days). If he's preventing us from signing a quality forward or outside back for next year, I will be severely pissed off. Hopefully we can find a club to take him off our books.


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While I thoroughly agree with your assessment of the player, you can't pin the blame for his re-signing on Manly management. They didn't want him last year.

If you want to point the bone, point it in the direction of Max Delmege and his trusty steed.


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Dont forget that with the salary cap increase and the titans joining that players are far harder to attract this year.

There are more players on overs for 2007 than ever before


we are not going to be able to offload him as no one else will pay more than $120K whick means we ould have to pay him 120 ourselves to get rid of him,
better off keeping him in reggies as a fill in, just a bloody expensive one!


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I told you all so.

:naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty:


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I hope he gets paid a bit by an ESL club. That, or The Rosters or Parra. Parra have just had Smith sign for Souths (Jeremy that is), but not ONE other club would sign him for the dollars he's on.

One thing I can say, is that I hope this is a humbling experience for him, and will show him that he needs to step up everywhere else to get the dollars he wants.


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I reckon all this stuff is BS. The same crap was going around last year and nothing happened with it. Are these publications (RLW etc) struggling to find a story at the moment?

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