monas chip kick

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can someone please explain what he was thinking chipping for himself on his own 30 m line when we lead by 8 and no other player knows whats on,anyone who thinks he played well lastnight has lost his mind,witt on the otherhand keeps improving and our forwrds are so tough its not have made their decision thank god as he is getting worse by the week.i must be watching different games if you guys all think he is the goods.thank god i have management that obviously agrees with this fella not being offerd a contract.outside of this moaning about im i am so proud to be an eagle today its not funny.
just quietly i had a similar conversation where i said the same thing to Matas.

I said the same thing at the ground "It would be a good idea if anyone else knew he was doing it.

Communication breakdown me thinks
Vegas, So why did he get MOM?

Thats one of your best posts Vegas. I think it shows what your not watching during a game.

You didn't notice his kicking game was very good bar the ONE chip kick you decided to select.
Vegas, So why did he get MOM?

Thats one of your best posts Vegas. I think it shows what your not watching during a game.

You didn't notice his kicking game was very good bar the ONE chip kick you decided to select.

*Cough* Out on the full that led to a try n the next set *cough*
Alright then, no-one is allowed to make any mistakes at all. I think Menzies made at least 2 critical mistakes last night, lets piss him off.
lol he actually did the chip kick I think 3 times.

personally i think MoM was BK and Kite
the one out on the full was great too,byso do you really think he won us the game lastnight,if one of the forwards wasnt our best then i'm not here.if he is meant to be the general what was he thinking chip kicking he was very nearly (if not for a dubious refing decision) responsible for us losing the game.if he is such a great player why doesnt he put it deep and close the game down,they did score straight after the chip kick remember.what would you guys be saying now if we had lost,i doubt you would be rspping him like you have shown how great he was lastnight.
Guys, not taking away from the rest of Monnas kicking game last night, which was very good, that chip kick was INEXCUSABLE, and cost us a try on the next Rorters six. How he could try that when we're up with 20 to go is beyond me. But the rest was good, so well done mate. We have to sign him, and spend what we'd save on Orford on a quality centre.
why is it that only souths have said they would sign,dont be blinded by loyalty in this regardand why is it everyone is happy to say how good mangement is yet when they think he is **** there is an uproar.but i also realise that i am alone in my thoughts on this site so i will move on and not create arguments that cant be god i am so happy with the team in general though as i think that was our best win of the season lastnight.
byso your quote about losing credibility obviously applies to the coaches who couldnt give a rats ass about as well then,sorry i know i said i would stop this line of thinking and this is my last thread about him,anyway it wont be long before you will have to go to the souths website to say how good he is anyway
Mate keep the threads going it's good to get a different perspective.

Surely you dont give a rats ass what I think

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