Monas back with a solid game!

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Well done to Monas for getting back to some solid form even if it was against a low placed Knights team. Its been a while coming but hopefully this game will give him the confidence to finish the season with the same form he started with to keep Manly in the top 4.
agree thought he was solid, did what he had to do, the backs saw some ball, his defence was solid and play around the rucks was solid also. I still kind of think he plays like a hooker ?

still a concern , to use a cliche' , he doesnt really create "something out of nothing" but i guess that will come as he gets better quality backs outside him.

Was Witt Hooked or replaced through injury ? he made a few horror mistakes plus was left standing in defence when Thaiday scored close to the line.
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solid is a good description byso,forgetting all the monas **** for a minute i think alberts was great for his second game,i know he was butterfied with his fingers but he really looks the goods,he could be the difference in the run home as he puts a bit of doubt in the defenders with his running unlike steppa.
it would have been a big Day for alberts, his first game in first grade at brooky, first game along the likes of Beaver / BK / Tezza etc, cant blame him for some nerves. He went pretty well and certainly has more potential that steppa and mattai combined.
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Alberts helped monas out big time - no doubt about that.

At first he gave monas someone to pass to, then the defence double marked him a bit and monas then cut the line to shreds with 4 line breaks. Those 2 look great in combination
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Very true Pepsi. He has some real potential.

Wasn’t Tezza great. He was at his best unsettling the opposition. He is so good at it, he's smart enough not to get himself sin binned, he always pushes the niggle to the limit. He's a far better acquisition then Hoppa.
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It was great to see our backs look dangerous. Ash is very quick and he could find some open space. I am not sure whether it was his angles or positioning or the fact Monas & Co threw the ball wide for once as Terry Hill seemed more elusive or maybe it was just the quality of the opposiiton.
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We will know more this time next week. The dogs have backs that can defend and forwards that won't lay down, even if Sonny Bill and Big Willy aren't there!
Anasta/Sherwin V our blokes, theyw ill get good go forward withj OMeley and Asotasi. Will be a good test for Kite and King !
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