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Monas and Witt plain terrible last night


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May 27, 2005
Monas ans Witt were absolutely terrible last night. Moran and Sutton played ALL OVER them (crikey that Sutton is a big bloke). Yes I know our forward pack was getting monstered and so it was harder for them, but it doesn't matter - they still made crap decisions and are too slow in getting it out wide. Souths beat us in every area and position last night. That Yileen Gordon reminds me of Sam Harris........except he's big, strong, fast, and can break tackles (like the sort of player we though we'd get when we bought Harris in the first place). All the fans were just shocked on the way home after the result - we ould't even look eachother in the face. Pros and cons from last night:
1. AA in attack - he looked VERY good when given the chance (but still tmissed too many takles
2. Willo - tackled his heart out
3. Bryant - made good metres when out on the field but disappeared during the beginning of the secong half for too long. Curtis tried hard but still looks to unfit. King looked good in parts but also disappeared for too long AND ONLY 9 HITUPS!
4. Choc - goo as always
1. Monas and Witt - did nothing
2. Hicks and Donald - just looked a lttile uniterested out there
3. Monas and Witt
4. Sam Harris - did nothing
5. Forward pack - got smashed by the Bunnies no-names
6. Monas and Witt


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Oct 19, 2004
Monas kicking game was pretty good i thought. All his kicks landed in the in goal area. Witt was running the general kicking from long distance for some reason.. Not sure why Monas wasnt doing this...

Forwards were PL forwards.. ofcourse they cant match any NRL team.


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Nov 12, 2004
its a bit harsh on the bunnies pack to call them no names.

Cusak and Harrison certainly arnt, and gedes logan and minechello are allright.

Have to agree - witt was hopeless, monas was average.

i was abusing Hicks big time at teh game - monas or witt kicked for him, open space and he jsut jogged in with no interest. he needs to be brought back into line

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