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We got no ball in the first half, missed about 2309420 tackles and our forwards couldn't break out of a paper bag, give the halves a break, especially Monas.
I agree CIG. Monas had a VERY strong game, Witt was there when needed BUT in support of sue our kick game was total crap. Lockyer showed all night how it is done. Those two seconds that players need to turn around and collect a ball makes all the difference in field position rather than kicking it straight down their throats in broken play. IMO it was game where our knock-ons where at the back (Stewart, Duck et al) and forwards just can't sprint in to position and then rush up in defence, which is the way we have won games. We just cruelled it for ourselves and no halves pairing was going to solve the problem.
Monas had nothing tonight. But he was good in many other games, especially against canberra.

But I would like our team to improve against strong opposition. The scoreline was flattering imo.
Witt is lacking in attack - this inhibits monas game

When we shut lockyer down tonight - they had seymour

Tonight our attack looked best with Dunley on, another ball player and not a bad half in attack
I think our halves are lacking the composure and confidence to be considered as one of the better pairings in the NRL. They both panic too much when put under pressure. I think Monas has the ability, especially when he takes on the line, but I'm not convinced that he has the "football" smarts to take it to the next level. As for Witt, I'm yet to see anything from him to get me overexcited. He is solid enough and his defence is pretty decent, however he hasn't really clicked with Monas yet, he doesn't offer that other attacking option that might take some of the pressure off Monas.

Monas was ordinary in the first half, and took some very poor options. Granted he wasn't alone, but he is supposedly the guy running the show so you expect a little more from him. I think he panicked on a lot of occassions. He was much better in the latter part of the second half, but of course the game had gone by then and the pressure was off.
monas and witt average at best. we are a much improved side but to become a premiership force we need a halves and a centre. monas would be ok at hooker.
Witt is 20 years old. Will we sit around and watch another Orford with Witt playing for another team in two years? Monas has offered a giant glimmer of hope since the crap we have had for 3 years. It is early days and the combination and team took us to the top of the ladder up until last night. Did you see the Monas player cam at half time? - he was in everything. You can put the whole debacle down to the crappiest sets of hands I have seen for ages which resulted in hopeless field position. I think you will all eat your words!
I think Monas is ok, Witt I am far from convinced with but it is still early days. Locky if playing for us last night wouldnt have been able to do anything with our field position and lack of dominance in the forwards.

A quaility attacking centre would ad some flair to the backline. Jeez I hope Alberts lives up to his lofty expectations. Putting hope in a untried rookie, I know :roll: I know I am clutching at straws but I have nothing else!!!!
FFS, we've won 5 out of 7 games, once again, you've outdone yourself crackpipe.
No halves pairing in the world are going to blow you away when we have 30% of the ball and our forwards are going backwards.
Garts - I am with you on our centres. Chip and Chase has summarised what Sue is trying to say.

The benchmark Sue has set is for Manly to be the top team and he is pointing out what is needed to get there. Monas and Witt go okay in a lot of games but we want to be where the Roosters/Dogs etc have been and halves will be vital in this!! Monas and Witt need composure and also must pressure the opposition defence. Comment about last night and even Bozo at his best not making a difference are right but Sues original post is food for thought!!
sue, what do u mean by bozo and the staff comment???

witt hasnt done anything in attack, yes , he is new so i will give him time

problem 4 me is he is small and slow, he cant make a break

so he is limited in my opinion, kicks well but so does Luke Covell

id rather a slow winger than an ordinary 5/8

monas is trying to do everything in attack as witt just drifts wide and passes, does very little otherwise
Melbourne's forwards were belted by the Sharks overnight and Orford was hopeless.

Is he a hopeless player?

No, but it exhibits a half can only do as much as he can with the possession he has.

The Broncos were simply outstanding and are now the form teamof the NRL. I think blaming our halves after a match like that is the last thing Des Hasler will be doing.
Orford looked to have little class against us as well when we dominated. His kicking game was poor and passing game was left at home. We seem the same - rely on our forwards, but so does brisbane - look what melbourne did when they got ontop.

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