Monaghan the pariah

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Not that a reality means anything, but here's what other clubs think of Monaghan:

"The Herald last night canvassed several clubs on whether they would be interested in having Monaghan. Brisbane, Cronulla, Newcastle, Penrith, the Bulldogs, Parramatta, Wests Tigers and Sydney Roosters all replied in the negative, while Melbourne's Peter O'Sullivan said "not at this stage"."

Thanks Max and thanks the Rockers. $720,000 is a hell of a lot to pay for a bit of dead wood.
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I think they may be responsible for everything from the grassy noll to nail bombs on the Tube, but don't quote me on that.
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They are the ones that started the so-called "grass roots" campaign to "Save Monaghan".

More to come.
now back to the rainbow warrior they go!

if they only they new that the majority of educated manly supporters over the age of 17 saw that Monaghs is actually a liabilty!
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They are the ones that started the so-called \"grass roots\" campaign to \"Save Monaghan\".

More to come.

Did they, I haven't seen any indication of that. Possibly individual members may have but as a group I don't think so.

But as usual you have more to come, so please dont dissapoint and not be forthcoming.
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I am not sure that the Rockers were responsible for the 'Save the Monas' campaign - it seemed to come from OEE and a core group of MSE posters.

Mind you I can no longer get into the Rockers site as my password does not allow me to get in any more!
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CW. I was never allowed in.

I think it had something to do with never checking the box that asked if I were a true supporter.

I mean, in their small print, it says: "To be a true supporter, you must have (on at least one occasion) run around your house in assless leather pants to celebrate Monaghan's Birthday"

Its not fair!!! I dont have ass-less leather pants... :cry:
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Maybe Rockers is too great a generalisation. But if my memory serves me correctly, it was a core group of Rockers that were the loudest advocates of the "Save Monas" campaign the first time around.
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Maybe Rockers is too great a generalisation. But if my memory serves me correctly, it was a core group of Rockers that were the loudest advocates of the \"Save Monas\" campaign the first time around.

Appreciate the correction. I think your memory is somewhat clouded, as a group the rockers did not instigate any "save monas campaign". As individuals I am sure there were plenty that supported his retention, just like many other supporters that are not affiliated with Rockers, OEE or even the Silvertails.

If you wish to be critical of The Rockers, that is your right, I understand the problems that exist bewteen you & some rockers, but to be critical of them in this instance was a cheap shot.

I may not agree with all of what you say, but I will defend yourr right to say it, as long as it is a balanced view.
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Pete, I think we will employ you as a sort of a Don Chip (of the Democrats) to keep the (Bastard) Matabele Honest!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol:
maybe those clubs said no because they currently have a half back their happy with?

Wow theres a shock.
I would reject any fullback in the comp for Brett Stewart. Even K Hunt. Stewy is young and the future of the game.. Does that make K Hunt a bad fullback.
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Kaza - I said that very thing to CW on Sunday (I'd take Stewart over Hunt anyday).

However, there are many on MSE that think Monas' is in the top 3 of NRL half backs.

This is prrof of my oft-stated assumption that Monas is not even in the Top 10.
thats not really proof mate. Its just that they dont want to ruin their sides momentum in signing a halfback when they already have one. Ask any Tigers fans right now and they would not want any halves combo in the comp right now. Does that mean Prince is the best half in the comp? No.. they just fit in better in their squad.

Ill welcome Orford and i think he is a better half than Monas although not as much as you guys think.

Before all the contract crap that the management caused.. Monas was in the top 5 halfbacks ON FORM. He had two blinders to play for a contract and was ****ed around. Our team was playing great footy and this was put to a halt so we can fix next years team. Well what about this year?

Lets all just boycott the rest of the year then...
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"Ill welcome Orford and i think he is a better half than Monas although not as much as you guys think."

Are you serious?
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Kaza - "2 great games"????

He was diabolical against Penrith. Witt took over the playmaking and inspired the comeback.

Then he was good against the Roosters except for THAT chip kick - whcih confirmed in the minds of decision makers Monaghan's tendency to make the WRONG decisions UNDER PRESSURE.
Journey Man
Not wanting to be perdantic, I'd take Minichello any day of the week over Stewy. Other than that...No. Stewart is all class, and is still improving.

It's not cool to single out the rockers guys. I remember seeing that petition signed by 100's of members. Not cool at all.
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