Monaghan Out?

my sis just said she seard on the radio that monaghan is out for the game this weekend. Anyone elso heard anything?
Journey Man
I've heard nothing. Does you sister like you? It could be a gee-up?

Monaghan was not under an injury cloud (unlike one or two of the other backs) unless he's done something at training.
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Ive heard the triple m and 2ws news and nothing.

Fatty is about to give his weekend wrap - ill let you know if there is anything
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Johnny Gibbs was giving his tips on 2UE this morning just before 8am & he mentioned that Monaghan was in doubt.

The team leaves Sydney this morning . I'm optimistic that he'll play , otherwise it will be a case of " Welcome back to 1st grade Jye Mullane "
If he is gone, we are in for a long year. I know it's one game or whatever, but it's a very bad sign luckwise, and it could just be one of those years where nothing goes right.


Kim Jong Dan
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I am confident that we have a little halves depth this yer, burns may jsut get an early call up, put randall on the bench and we just player a bench with less forwards
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Dunley can also play half back. that is why he got the bench spot so often.

Robson got a run last year as well remeber and lennon can play 5/8th im pretty sure.
They can all play there, but they aren't in the same class are they (excluding Burns who is unknown at this stage)?
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its only a virus/bug.. unless its one thats paralised him he will play. He wont be 100% but Monas is the captain and its the first game. He will play. Hopefully B)
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He will play injured he doesn't play for the St's he's not Soft. If its a virus it's amazing how much they knock you around. But Hopefully he'd go OK!
Journey Man
If it's a virus he may not be 100%. Willo might see time at 5/8th with Witt switching to #7 if Monas needs a rest.
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A mate of mine just phoned me from Sydney Int'l airport & tells me that the entire Manly squad ( including Tezza & Monna's ) are there & ready to depart for NZ.
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Thanks for clearing that up CWood. Good that there are Manly spies all over the place keeping us updated on important matters.

Go get em boys!
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My mate at the airport is flying out to Vietnam for a 6 day conference.

Well that's what he told his wife anyway !!!

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