Monaghan Offer Withdrawn

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Accirding to RLW Manly have withdrawn the offer on the table to Michael Monaghan.

Word is that they are chasing Matt Orford. His manager is away for a bit and so the offer has been withdrawn until he returns.

This is interesting news, not sure if it has any credibility but it will certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons on the Manly forums.

Hope it doesn't affect the team in the next few weeks!!
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Damn I hope not. If it's the case it would be Orford and it would be a done deal. I suppose i'd like Monas to stay as hooker or 5/8 if they get Orford (I can't believe I just typed that)


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it sounds like there was an actual inteview with the manager with quotes and all. Which would say to me it may have some creedence
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I can't see them punting the club captain when the team is performing well - withdrawing the offer could be more along the lines rethinking the terms rather than shafting him IMO.
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This is a wierd piece of info. Orford and Monas are about equal this season so I can't see the advantage except for depth. I would rather get Gower or (am I really typing this?) Noddy. Seems incredibly unsettling to what is a succesful combo so far.


Kim Jong Dan
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MB, Noddy, wash your mouth out NOW!. never shall that man step foot onto brooky oval wearing a manly shirt.

We did an almost straight swap with Noddy and Orford, and at the time Noddy was one of the best half backs. But Orford went on to become great, I wonder whether he would have been as good if he had stayed with the JV?
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I just keep thinking about how Noddy can step up for the big games like on the Kangaroo tour. But you are right. The thought is out of line but sorta supports my thinking that Orford is not the right one.
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Orford has played 113 games in NRL and Monas has just had 57. Orford is 2 years older. Monas keeps improving and who is to say what he will be like with another 20 games experience at the top level? We won't win the comp this year (but I hope so) and all teams build on combos and playing together. I say give him a chance until the middle of next year. Unless we snag the very best I cannot see what we are really gaining by swapping.
gee whiz.what a i have mentioned before on many occasions-what you blokes think of monaghan aint exactly what the powers that be think.reason simple.has never stood up in a match against the me when he does.
The same powers that be that thought that re-signing Hoppa was more of a priority than re-signing Donald?
there is a simple answer to this.if anyone can name a single game in the last 2 seasons where we have played elite sides and he has stood up-list them below.that is why they are considering their options.we do it now or we run with him for 3 years.standing and cheering flick passes at sunday arvo at brookvale is different to the telstra stadium at night on the last sunday in all depends what you want -win a few and run sixth with a good halfback or take a risk and have a go at the top may not work but at least there is hope.a look at the halfbacks between 1981 -2005 gives a small clue to what is required.

those 3 ridiculous passes and a kick he threw when we were attacking the tigers line last week mean LOSE against top sides.every mistake is magnified with the broncos on the end of them.

hoppa was resigned for one single reason and one only-MAX DELMEGE.
AND just adding to Sues comments, and i like Monaghs, the deal has been "on the table" there has been nothing to stop him signing it, thats the gamble one takes when you dont put pen to paper, someone can come along and take what you want! in any walk of life.
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I heard monas say on Fox Sport that he had re-signed with manly? So how can it be withdrawn, after being signed?
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Don't get hysterical people.

Top halfbacks win comps - look at the premiers over the last 20 years and the half has driven them all over the park.

No need to worry about this:

Worst case scenario: Monas is our half.

Best case scenario: We have Monas and Orford in the one time.

It will all pan out and if Manly are really going after Orford (speculation only at this time - till June 30) it means we are serious at making the next step.
i personally think monaghan will make a great hooker with the tyro ballin the backup in the future.if we are chasing orford and king it may come down to king versus monaghan in terms of that would be a difficult choice.
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The same powers that be that thought that re-signing Hoppa was more of a priority than re-signing Donald?
The powers that be were ambivalent about both. Hoppa had a white knight called Delmege who now has egg on his face.

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