Monaghan, ME, rumours and sue!


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Some prized turkey has just posted on ME that it is a done deal with Monaghan playing hooker and signing King and Orford.

Complete and utter crap at this stage, but by golly it would sensational.

Just thought I would bring back the past, can't be bothered finding the link but I seem to remember sue saying 6 months or so ago that the club had prepped Monaghan to be a hooker in the future, and would look to purchase someone of the stature of Orford.

I'm well away from jumping the gun, but I am looking forward to seeing how all of this pans out. I doubt that it could possibly be a done deal already BUT, I have a feeling that if both Orford and King are off-contract after the June 30 deadline, Manly will make a major play for them.

!pray: !pray: !pray: !pray:


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That would be sensational and Sue would be crowned as Scoop, but its probably some one reading too much into it or trying to kick off silly season nice and early.

Would be a sensational combo though, one to combat the Dragons backline!.

I am with you on the praying for this one to happen.
no inside info. a few blokes at the club seem to have been pushing orford for a while.arko is real keen according to a few post was mainly based on my opinion that he is not a great half to take us to the next level but would make a gutsy hooker with good skills for that role.


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And you've been crucified for it ever since sue.

If it comes off of course, then everyone will jump on your bangwagon................


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I'm on the wagon.

Sue I had a chat to Arko last year early in the season and he then had little good to say about our halves, but was wrapped in Orford.

Only thing is Monas improved 10x since then.


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It's easy to improve 10x on what he showed early last year.

10 x 1% of Orford = 10% as good as Orford.


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I keep saying that Monas is no Orford but he is no reserve grader either. Talk to supporters of other teams and they don't rate him as in the top echelon but he can play and is doing okay.

He is a 7/10 half and whilst he is not 9/10 he is not the flop, pathetic struggler that Mata and some are painting him as. He is a better halfback than we have had for quite a while.

Best test is if we can't get Orford, who realistically (that we could get) should we be chasing???? (Not Joe Williams - I am with Byso on that one!)

Gould said it all on Friday night. Monas is a good half to get us near the top but is he the half to get us to premiership glory. That is the issue, not whether he can play.

He has had a few down games lately but watching the CDs of Canberra, Melbourne and Sharks games he was very good. Everyone agrees we have ordinary centres, an average 5/8 who is still a half and not a lot of action out wide, so to call him hopeless and a reserve grader is blatantly unfair.


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Good points wheel and CW. Monas was very good prior to Bullwogs game. I think you should send those CD's down to Dubbo CW. Matabele has selected memory.

He only remembers Monas bad games.
the irony is they rate him a lesser player now compared to last year in terms of the club going forward despite our improved showings.last year he had halfback "potential " on his side.not any more.they have seen enough and decided it is number 9 or the bush -unless we fail to get a marquee half or 5/8.IMO his style of tough play screams out for the 9 jersey.there is no shame in not being an elite 7.very few can do it.he has the attributes to become one of the better 9s in the nrl.

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