monaghan interview in fridays telegraph


he says he wants to play as hooker or 5/8 but would prefer hooker, and has being training hard to earn a sport in the team. he says he will face tough competition from dunley, witt & burns to be in the run on side
also says he is looking forward to playing with orford
he has bulked up from 83kg to 90kg saying he will need the extra size if playing hooker and having to defend a bit more
he has gone from bench pressing 80kg last year to 125kg this year, havig injuries the last few years he hasnt been able to train as hard, where this year he is fully fit and has got stuck right into it
Awesome stuff. I'm telling you, a hooker who can play in attack is extremely valuable these days. Just look at Buderus, Farah, etc

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I guess that means it is either is either Witt, Halden or Burns at 5/8 then


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halden or burns please - no witt.

burns can kick goals almost as good and took PL to be the best attackers last year

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From my info Witt is well in the picture to play 5/8. He did lose confidence in defence last year due to a shoulder injury which affected his form. Will be interesting to see which way Des goes but the others are all untried and untested and it is very rare for someone to come in fresh and do well. Witt is still young and will have a much better half inside him and maybe a decent centre or two outside..

Other part of the equation is to have some forwards that actually go forward and give him some time and space.

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Yes indeed CW. It would seem like the pieces are starting to fall into place now that Monas acknowledges the Hooker role and with Witt having the time and space to be a better 5/8 with Ox along side. Im very pleased with todays news.

But the last piece is the important one and who of the props will dig in this year and not leave the whole show to the back row. All of this on the proviso that Dessie has them all ready mentally, physically & strategy wise for 26 rounds

Fascinating stuff & im looking forward to this coming year.


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Not a Witt fan Fluff?


Our best attacking last year was when monas threw a few cut out balls past witt so the outside backs got some ball.

Monas runs around in circles

Witt stands still

At least monas moves and makes the opposition do some work to shut him down.

Witt was the same in PL

Give burns the number 6 - he shat on witt in all aspects when they played together and is a 75% plus goal kicker.

Byso - I think King will be good - he has been injury free for a while and will be able to regain some form.

I, like a few others picked watmough to come good and copped a lot for it - im willing to put it on the line for burns and king.

Also in the 2 games i saw Halden play last year he was better than burns, it wouldnt suprise me if he is 5/8 come 2007


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Fluster - I think, and in order, 5/8 will be:-

Michael Witt
Michael Monaghan
Shayne Dunley (if Monas is Hooker)
Jason Wells
Travis Burns
Clint Halden

in that order.

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Finally some sense has come out of his mouth. I think he will be a good hooker, he has solid defence and a reasonable long kicking game that will give us some good variation. He is also a lot better attacking weapon when he takes on the line rather than being overwhelmed with options as a playmaker which causes him to short circuit. I think he will be very similar to Cameron Smith and hopefully make a good contribution this season.

BTW if Dunley is our third choice 5/8th than we are in trouble. His only role should be off the bench.


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He looks like an absolute UNIT in the paper...almost like a weight lifter or something !!! He is a mini Kylie Leuleuai now !!!


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Ryan, wasnt jason well a flegg player at 5/8 and PL lock??

Im not sure he will be ahead of burns or halden - from what i hear Halden is highly rated, had a rotten run with injuries last year


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I think fluffy just has a thing for monas. Some of the best attack I saw were either solo performances by witt or combos between kennedy, stewy witt and Watmough
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