Monaghan 78km in school zone......... keeps licence

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in wednesday tele on the front page there is a story about micheal monaghan getting caught doing 38km over the speed limit in a school zone. he pleaded guilty but asked for leniecy for the offence which normally carries a 3 month suspesion. he admited to the offence in court but asked for the leniecy so he could contiune his charity work for children with special needs.
at the time of his speeding offence he was on the way to the Sophie Days of diffreance foundation.
he was allowed to keep his licence and was fined $576. he said he was unaware he was driving through a school zone.

can see this getting a big beat up in the media, fair enough he was speeding in a school zone (which is all to easy the way the signs are posted). but he dose do a lot for kids with special needs without promoting the fact he does like many others do


Well **** me, if he does charity , thats ok then.
BULL****. How is charity gonna save a young kid who has been skittled by a complete wanker doing 78kms in a school zone!!!! Just another case of special treatment for personalities.


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Front page? Obviously a slow news day then.

Such a thing could only happen to Monas. Shocking luck.

Does good deeds then the the tele attempt to unravel his hard work, by making it front page news.

What's the speed limit there after school hours?

Full story

JUST three weeks after appearing with Sophie Delezio at the NRL grand final, Manly star Michael Monaghan faced court yesterday for making the same mistake that almost cost the courageous five-year-old her life.

Monaghan faced losing his licence for speeding through a 40km/h school zone at 78km/h.
He admitted the offence but pleaded for leniency because he said he needed his licence to do charity work with organisations such as Sophie's Day of Difference Foundation.

Sophie's father Ron was unaware of Monaghan's defence until The Daily Telegraph contacted him last night. He said while he was disappointed Monaghan had been speeding, he refused to attack him.

"Michael Monaghan does a lot of great work in the community and it is disappointing to learn of his offence," Mr Delezio said.

"I sincerely hope that the public's perception of Michael is not unfairly tainted as a result."

Monaghan, 26, was booked speeding in a school zone at Balgowlah – close to where Sophie was struck on a pedestrian crossing – on August 16.

The offence carries an automatic three-month licence suspension, and the Manly hooker faced being banned from driving for an additional three months because the fine took his points tally over 12. But at Manly Court yesterday, the winner of the NRL's Ken Stephens Medal for community service relied on his charity work to keep him behind the wheel.

Monaghan's solicitor Ian Byrne told the court his client needed his licence to continue charity work, which includes visits to a school for special needs children on the Northern Beaches, and statewide work with the Police Citizens Youth Club.

Mr Byrne told how the footballer had been closely involved with Sophie at the time of the incident.

Monaghan had earlier met the tenacious schoolgirl through his charity work with the Day of Difference Foundation, set up by Sophie's father after her accident.

Sophie accompanied Monaghan to the NRL grand final last month, arriving by helicopter to carry the Telstra Cup onto the field.

Magistrate Margaret Quinn granted Monaghan's appeal against the automatic suspension and also waived his points loss.

"He does work with children with special needs, which works in his favour," Ms Quinn noted. "The irony is while he was helping Sophie he was speeding through a school zone."

The NRL star was fined $576. Outside court, a contrite Monaghan told The Daily Telegraph he was unaware he was in a school zone when he was booked.

Chip and Chase

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Surprised he didn't get booked two or three times as I imagine he would have driven around the block a few times on the way to where he was going


How is it shocking luck Byso!! How is it bad luck to drive at 78km through a school zone, regardless of the speed limit during normal hours. How long have school zones been in??? A while now.


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I'm not referring to the driving incident, rather the fact he finally got some good publicity then it to ends up getting tainted.

Can't excuse the incident.


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I dont know what the regular speed is on that road. Is it 60?
If so he was still 18 over the speed limit.

Maybe Ryan, MB or the Wheel can confirm the normal speed.


I suppose i am a little trigger happy on this subject. I see turds speed through school zones all the time. A little kid has no concept of traffic and speed and wouldnt stand a chance if hit at that speed. Mind you at least most city schools have lights that come on to let you know. Out here you just have to rely on knowing what time it is.


Kim Jong Dan
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That he got off is bull****. How did Sophie get hurt last time?

By someone in a school zone whilst she was crossing at a zebra crossing.

So the fact that he quite easily could have killed kids that day is ok, because he works with lesser abled children.

What a crock of ****!


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In fairness, that school zone is disgraceful, and poorly addressed by signs. Sydney Road is extremely uneven with troughs and inclines.
I was done doing 75 in a 60 zone going down Mona Vale Rd. (not a school zone mind you), but the Rd. was that steep, all you have to do is remove your foot from the brake in a big car and your cruising at 80. Doesn't Monnas have a 4X4?


doesnt he have ****en brakes??? Fair dinkum , adults trying to give excuses as to why they drive so fast. I am sorry, but the car does not drive itself. It may need you to apply the accelerator every now and then. :wall: :wall:
I think thats at Middle Harbour Primary School on McPherson St, Mosman - just around the corner from me. It has a notorious 40km/h zone there. Isn't that where Sophie went to school? (and where she was hit last time?)


Surprised he didn't get booked two or three times as I imagine he would have driven around the block a few times on the way to where he was going

I heard that he was booked for doing continuous u-turns in sydney road outside the school at 78 kph. Monnas must have thought that he was driving on brookie oval.

It was really zorba's reference that ensured that he didn't lose his licence.

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Peopel, whether you love MM or not please keep in perspective that thsi story was front page in the Daily Telegraph - that well known purveyor of 'Truth'.

The spin in this story could keep a power station running at full bore for a week.


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not good but its easy to lose concentration and speed. wont get stuck into him as I would have done the same thing no doubt.

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