MOM Monas, Sign Him


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MOM Monas was awesome. His best game of the season. Against a top team as well.

I'd be interested in a few posters opinions on Monas game this week :lie: 8| :dance: :clap: :clap:
That chip was bloody dissapointing, but apart from that he was very good.

I thought Kite deserved MOTM to be honest. Best game from him this year. He was great.

What about King's start to the game, he was great. He went missing again, but he is obviously injured and gave his all while on the field.
He changed my opinion a little, he's definitely proved his worth as captain and needs a new contract, whether he's a Premiership winning halfback is still up in the air I think. He showed a lot of guts tonight and seeing him at full time, he looked like he had a 500kg load lifted from his shoulders. Well done Monas.
Monas was awesome. Pefect captain/halfback game.

King started well and if he could do it for 40-50 minutes he would be great. However 14 minutes of it isnt enough.
MOnas was awsome, no doubt about it.

King played the best first 15 mins as a prop that manly has seen since cement/carrol.

pepsi/mata, thats why he is talked about as he is,.

feel free to rubbish his efforts, but understand that is you do you are rubbishing your reputation.

Our best start to a game and it was on the back of princess - who, if he keeps THAT up is going to be crowned king in the not to distant future
King was truly awesome early on. Hes still unfit.. i cant wait till hes fit come finals time (dare i say it yet... lol)

Monas.. well what can i say. His long kicking game was sensational again. That kick from 40 metres out that stood up and got us a drop out late in the game was a turning point and a sensational kick. He really is a great leader. Irreplaceable.

Sign him up now! Witt and Monas are starting to really gel and are turning it on in attack when it matters. Their defence is probably the best halves combo in the NRL.

I love this side. Sign them all up!
Monas kicks were still a fraction disappointing but his accuracy is improving. The most important thing about his game is that the opposition are now hanging back not knowing what he will do and this is this creating all sorts of opportunities. His second half grubbers to the in goal were sensational and he completely controlled the first 30 mins in the second half. Top effort!
i suppose its understandable not to trust the people who have taken us from last to first in this instance,maybe you should do all the signings byso.
Yep, same could go for you then.

Coming from you that comment is very rich, youve been very critical in the past of the clubs decissions. Remember Monas being named captain!
Vegas: i suppose its understandable not to trust the people who have taken us from last to first in this instance,maybe you should do all the signings byso.

Actually, I'd say it's the players who have taken us from first to last, not the management. Maybe it's been a collaborative process. In any case, putting ideas of loyalty and fairness to one side (values which I'd like to think still have a place in football), as soon as an employer starts treating his employees like ****, the business suffers. All the other employees wonder if they're going to be next, company morale goes down and the product (or service) suffers.
I'm hoping there are still a few more twists to this story and that everything will work out for the best, but anyone who thinks Manly management has handled this in a professional or even competent manner is way more tolerant than I am.
REG, I can not better that response. Well said.

Vegas, tell me that Cummings handled things well when "from the sounds of things" he lied about Monas asking for 30% more?

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