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Your being a prude and funny that you picked up Monas earlobe thing but not the other players comments, that may require a sense of humour to read.

Also I’m sure this site is read by kids as well and the swearing and bile you chaps write surely isn't appropriate.

So Flip and Clon stop being Hypocrites and get a life.


UFO Hunter
My point Byso (i might need to draw you a picture) is that it is in a section 100% devoted to children. How hard is it to just leave it out. This site is hardly marketed to pre-teen children.

And I didn't read anybody else's. I was going through monas profile when I found it.

FFS you think I have nothing better to do that digg up dirt on him. Jesus christ.


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Byso, on so many occasions people on this site comment about your lack of comprehension skill, I now see where they are coming from.

I clearly stated I am no prude and my actions/comments here would be unsuitable for kiddies on some occasions, I never denied that.

HOWEVER, I do not police specific sections of this site claiming they are child friendly, whilst swearing in other sections.

That however is what they are doing at MSE.


UFO Hunter
Fluffy, because it was only MM profile I read. Clon added to the rest.

It was not a stab at him however you can probably see that by reading the rest of the thread. It was a comment about content in his profile.

You will see on MSE that its titled Sea Eagle Kids but if you want to jump on my back again go for it.

You and byso can have your little crusade aginst me on your own.


Kim Jong Dan
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I am actually with fLIP on this, not really offensive but not really cool for the kids to read either

Jatz Crackers

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I am a father and as child protective as anyone. But we have two distinct debates going on here.

(a) the language used in the profiles accessable to the kids is unsuitable for kids
(b) The MSE site is being operated in a contradictory way by banning people who use offensive language in the forum while allowing "suggestive" material in the kids section.

My take on this is :

I dont agree with (a). I do not see that children will equate the word snake with penis. I do not see that children will equate swing, with multiple sexual partners and all that entails. I do not see that a rather obscure word referencing nibbling ear lobes as innappropriate.

I dont agree with (b). I simply cant agree with the proposition that the material is actually "suggestive". I would contend that its the adult mind (like your & mine) that read and then interpret the connotation. If i cant agree thats its suggestive i cant agree that it is comparable to the more colourful and far more direct language occassionally used in the forum.

No case to answer IMHO.


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Clontago I don't care if you say you're not a Prude, your action state you are. Can I make my point any clearer?


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Byso, again, one more time for the dummies.

I DO NOT FIND IT OFFENSIVE!!!! My gripe is the double standards being applied at MSE.

Do you understand Byso?


Is it just me or is Luke Williamson reffering to dancing?? if so what's the problem there?

Everyone else took it as though he's a swinger??

Am I the only one that took it that way??

Am I one of these kids?? 8|


UFO Hunter
Perhaps your so accustomed to swinging that you don't bat an eye lid when it's mentioned ;)


Journey Man
nutz i think it was siad with double meaning, whether there was some tongue in cheek about one of them i dont know.

Judging by the responces the boys were together egging each other on to who could get away with the biggest inuendo, it is a footy club after all.


Maybe it's too long since some of you blokes were kids.

I would've found that sort of thing very funny & naughty when I was 9. Some of it would've gone straight over my head.
It's just like sneaking out to watch late night TV shows when you think your parents wont catch you. That sort of thing is the fun bit about being a kid, the rest is pretty crap really.


Journey Man
I think its very hypocritical. I had a post deleted the other day that stated a simple fact, \"That 30.5% of Americans are obese\". That to me is a harmless, straight forward fact of life.

Yet they are happy to have information on how big Brett Stewarts Wang is.

This is because the person who deleted your post is so obese it is years since he has seen his wang.


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Yeah I know. Double standards!! He deleted my post as it offended him.

Brett mentions how big his snake is, but what about people with small ones, maybe they are offended.

Byso, is that the case?

Jatz Crackers

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Brett mentions how big his snake is, but what about people with small ones.

Brett doesnt mention how big is snake is at all. Its your adult mind at work.

"Brett Stewart: What you don't know about me: Well they don't call me the snake for nothing"

Kiwi Eagle

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LOL, this is some of the best laughs i have had for a while

When a kid reads Stewarts comment, they wont be thinking about his dick, and when they read Hicks, they wont be thinking about roots either.

A 8-10 year old kids mind works a helluva lot differently to that of an old pervert. Most younguns would probably just think Monas bashed on the keyboard or something and wouldnt bother looking it up, they are on the computer for fun

Never thought i would see the day this PC sort of rubbish would make it on this site

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