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I was elsewhere on the night of the Souths game and had to content myself with the ABC updates whilst the Newcastle Parra game was on the Radio.

It was depressing listening, especially from the 30 minute mark when they seemed to score every 3 minutes. I can imagine it was much worse at the game.

I don't have Pay TV so it is hard to get a handle on what happened, though the stats show we gave heaps of ball up, made many more tackles and basically played without the pill.

Comments on the forum seem to indicate that our defence in the centres was woeful, that Monas went missing, Witt was ineffective and that our forwards were generally soft and dominated by the Bunnies pack.

Bottom line seems to be that unlike the week before we didn't turn up to play - also that we missed the presence of Kite, Kennedy and Menzies.

Hopefully we can put this one behind us and get on with the task of continuing the Knight's misery and getting back on track!
it was the most horrific night I have had as a manly fan for a very long time. Surrounded by Souths supporters and watching our team get beaten all over the field.

Witt tried as always, monas was injured so couldnt get too involved but tried his guts out even with an obvious injury.

To me Hicks looked very uninterested, and IMO he should get another look in at centre.
Agree at hicks - was abusing the hell out of him for jogging after a monas grubber that went dead. The bunnies fullback had it covered but with a bit of effort we would have scored the repeat set as hicks got to the try line before it went over just taking a morning stroll. The guy needs a big kick up the ass. Was not happy at all.

But its not about last week - its about who fixes the problems this week. If some dont then Des needs to discipline the troops
he doesnt look happy in on the wing and is a better centre than a winger despite his past at Penruff.

Lets hope that he gets more ball this week with a different centre pairing
Mate its back to tezza - who has paired him more than anyone this year.

Flash is on the left side with Donald.

Our outside backs are starting to worry me almost as much as our centres. Even Stewy in attack has been average.
this isnt bagging monaghs, but i guess the team isnt playing the typ of footy that warrants trhe outside backs staying awake! they just defend and chase kicks. This is obvioulsy what Dessie has planned and no doubt we are playing to our limitations.

Again quality centres the key, then Monaghs will spread the ball and the wingers will see plenty.

How good was Hicks when walker was playing ( andrew) i think while hes a great winger, he is probably better suited in our team . bit wasted out there.
The one thing to note though is that we have scored more points at this point this year than we had last year at this point.

(Way too many "at this points"
I missed the Souths game as well - i heard the score on a 2gb and was not going to put myself through the pain
Its a joke though not only do they lose, but they lose by another record margin.

How can a club defend so badly in certain games. Thats 3 now. We want consistency Dessie!
It must be mainly a mental thing. If they turn up, they win, if they don't, they get belted. The Penrith game is the only one that they've had to put much mental effort into. Even with the Doggies game, although it was close you never got the feeling we were going to lose. Very strange.

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