Missed tackles - from the tele today


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Saw in the tele that manly has 3 players of the top 10 for total missed tackles


Buderus is the only player with a greater effective % than burns and Matai is second worst in effective % out of those


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Matai has his problems defensively and I put the blame squarely on the shoulders of our defensive coach. I see his problems each week just standing on the hill. It's about time the coaching staff stood up and accepted the consequences of a players poor defensive style as there own and did something about it. Defensively the Ox is OK and Burns is excellent, if a little highish, but then again coaching!!!


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yeah - but these players attempt more tackles than others...for a stats man...this doesn't make sense?

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For Matai to be in the top 10 for total missed tackles and up there in lack of effectiveness is a massive worry. He obviously hasn't graduated from Ben Walker's sand-pit.

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Matai's issue is all about judgement and timing. He tends to rush in and cock things up or miss them completely.

In the Warriors game he got it right and smashed them. It is more about his head than his ability. One hopes experience will sort out the matter.


It would be much more productive if we saw how many tackles each of those people had attempted this season. I would hazard to guess that Burns has attaempted a ton more than Matai.


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In the Warriors game he got it right and smashed them. It is more about his head than his ability. One hopes experience will sort out the matter.
His goal line defense that day was absolutely awesome. Maybe he doesn't read the deep spread attacks well. He also rushes out of the defensive line which then leaves a gap.


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I have viewed and posted a few sets of stats in my time and they really dont tell the whole story. Stats tell the whole picture if the appropriate ones are combined. What we all know is matai has a problem with his timing as far as getting off the line goes. His up and in defence doesn't match our sliding style. While his tackling technique is adequite his problems are with his rushing defence, not his tackling in general.

Travis burns is there because the kid attempts about 5000 tackles a game. Most of the time he bumps off a defender he's usually significantly slowed them down.

As for Orford, he's about 3 feet tall, we can't expect too much in defence condisering most teams will run their big men at the play maker for most the game. As long as he's attacking to the tune of 450 000 a season, slap two forwards either side of him (maybe not king) and ill be happy.

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Agree with that Flip.

The only thing i would comment on is Mattai. As you say his tackling techinique is adequate.

I belive its not just a simple case of him rushing out of line causing the disjointed defence. For mine his temperament is a factor. I think he wants to impress. His exuberance takes over and he lapses in concentrating on his place WITHIN the defensive line up. This causes the rush out of line or his lack of adherance to team plan & strategy.

He has the potential. This is a problem crying out for the right coaching techniques.


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All this talk of blaming our defence coach is crap - Matai is playing 1st grade NRL, he should know how to tackle by now FFS.

I have never seen him tackle anyone around the legs. When bell comes back, drop him back to the bench and leave hicks in the centres.

He will be better in the forwards where he will have help in 2 or 3 man tackles.

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