Mini out for a month.


UFO Hunter
minichello's been ruled out for a month.

Well, if stewy can have a good game he'll cement his name in the sqad. If he plays both games and the blues pull of a win I reckon he'll be assured as the future of the squad.

Lots of pressure though.


Winging it
BS Fluffy - Brett can hold his head high after that and if Mini is unavailable will be a first selection. Absolutely fantastic debut. If I read it wrong from you - go the Snake!


Journey Man
I understand there are 2 players that could have been referenced by "he" but are you really suggesting i reakon an injured minni is a certainty?

surely you jest

I could even see king to centre, lyon dropped and stewy to wing on that performance


I think you read it wrong.
Now that we've lost, we should chuck all the young blokes in for game three & see who stands up.
Stewy was great. I was worried but he did so well.


Winging it
I tipped King to once again totally misread wing play - just let those Qlders stroll through the out wide gap. Damn annoying.


Yep. Give Merritt a shot. Bring back Mullen, get Choc or Gallen in there, maybe even Peter Wallace.


Journey Man
Anasta has a broken hand which is going to be a real problem for him given what he is.

Put your money on the Roosters avoiding the wooden spoon - they'll go better without anasta in the side.

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Stewart was a standout and deserves to be picked again. We need a five-eighth but also a coach who can put together a smart game plan and sub the players sensibly. No wonder Gould doesn't rate Murray - he is crap.


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Are you suggesting Anasta is a Wanker Mata? Cruel but correct. Canteen, Gould only rates himself. Remember he suggested he was the messiah in the last article he wrote. You remember, the one where he said he was responsible for all NSW victories over the last twenty years or so. The one where he took responsibility for coaching Johns and Fittler to the level of geniuses. Gould comes from the same mould that Stuart comes from. They walk the walk, always behind talented players, but walk away when the talent needs to be developed..

Kiwi Eagle

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Never seen that article, however when i read a Gus article i read it with both eyes open as well, which may give a more balanced appraisal of it

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