Midnight Oil at Manly Leagues Fri 28th Jan

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I got :D tickets today for the Oils concert at Manly Leagues on Fri 28th january, only $40-

When I'm locked in my room
I just want to scream
Now I know what they mean
One more day of eating and sleeping

Speak to me, look at me, I've been broken up and shaken down
Speak to me, speak to me, I'm at the edge of myself, I'm dying to talk
Look at me, won't you look at me, back once more at the point of no return

When I'm locked in my room
I just want to scream
Now I know what they mean
Only the strong

I'm going to wave aid at the scg, but the Oils will sound better in a small venue, I hope.
<a href='http://www.midnightoil.com' target='_blank'>http://www.midnightoil.com</a>
Garret had had enough floundering with the labor party or was he on a mission to destroy the enemy from within :p

Because Latham going to bed with the greens certainly didn't work. :wink:

Sounds good wouldn't mind going.
I am happy that Latham is looking like being taken from him leadership roll. The best things that can happen to the labour party at the moment would be Kim Beazley taking the role again. I think he was a great bloke but I wasn't old enough to vote when he was in. I think he would make a very good PM. Im just still unsure of the rest of the cronies in the ALP at the moment.
Only you two could change a music event in to a Labor/Lib discussion. Where the **** is that incomplete bridge picture when you need it?
I have every Oils record and you should piss off and get locked in your room, where you just wannna screaaaammm....
Went to an Oils concert in Canberra in '92. My hearing has only just returned. Good night though.

Fluff - Beazley??????????????????

Rudd will suffice for me.
Latham is your man. You read his book he's a good bloke.....................HA!

Oh Manlybacker get over it :p
Fluff - Beazley??????????????????  

Then yes, Now not unless Latham cannot continue. He was a true leader with the right attitude, however he set his standards too high and stepped down before he could have effect.

Now labor needs to concerntrate on supporting latham and his style and direction. He is strongly influenced by Whitlam and has similar good views. Unfortunatly currently there are a few factions in the labor party with too much power and they are tearing the party apart from the bottom. Local councils have been stacking the electorate labor parties and there is some fraud etc going on (not that the libs do not so this). Now there is a strong push from below to get back to basics - the same ideas latham has. Latham and Beazley can make a team better than howard and costello, they just need to give it time. To put it in perspective - would you expect manly to win lots of games if they kept firing their senior players and captains a couple of times each season?? No.

Labor needs time to get policies researched and written, public oppinion to be noted and internal bridges to be mended. Hence this is why i would only like to see change if it is forced.
I think its inevitable that Latham will step down with the pancreatitis. Rudd should take over for mine, not yesterday's failure.
Rudd would be better........I bet your glad a Latham Government didn't get in. He would have made an EVEN bigger joke of the Labor movement.
Latham may not step down, its actually a rather simple operation to have it removed - then you are on medication for the rest of your life but its not a disability.
In regards to being a leader he has far bigger problems than his health. Surely even the most staunch tree hugger can see that now.
Beazley is a champ and should have won the previous "Children Overboard- Deception Election). His concession speech compared to the imposters showed that. Federal Labor is imploding and making the pretender look good but that is only illusory!
To be honest I couldn't understand what you wrote.

Are you saying that Latham is an imposter and Beazley should get his job?
Latham may not step down, its actually a rather simple operation to have it removed - then you are on medication for the rest of your life but its not a disability.

Anti Biotics infact. I was 12 hours from having my splene removed. The splene removes virus like infections from the body. You only need to take the medication when feeling ill. Soar throat, headache, upset stomach can lead to death in a person with no splene without Anti Biotics. The reason you don't always take them is that after prolonged use, your body grows an imuntinty to the effoct of the drug and will not work as effectivly.
You can put up with a little head ache now so that they will work a lot better in your elderly years and releve the stress when you can handle it the least.

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